Monday, December 21, 2009


I have been full time preparing for ice fishing....still tying flies but I will be guiding Ice fishing trips this winter. Please check out my other blog at

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Booking fishing and hunting trips for 2010

Deer season is almost over and it hasn't been very good for the Kashners. First time in over 20 years we have not harvested a deer. Either the deer have been small, not legal horn wise or we haven't had the right shot. Guess I need to pay some dues for that big 8 pointer last year...The new puppy has been taking up all my extra time when I'm not tying flies. Been very busy tying 6/0 Cod teasers for Kittery trading post. Also have a great inventory available for sale of Great Lakes Steelhead flies, trout, saltwater and Bonefish flies. Custom orders are alway welcome!!! Call 1 800 682 0103 or email

The booking season for 2010 is also open. Bird hunts are almost sold out already. Now the focus is on May and June trips. The Black River trips being the next to go....please be in touch...

Looks like ice fishing will start in mid January. I have all the tackle and gear....all you need is a licence and warm winter clothes. We will have a hard side ice shanty on Lake St. Catherine targeting panfish, pike, bass and brown trout. Other targets will be Bomoseen and Hortonia.
Jigging for panfish through the ice with 27" rods, 2 lb test and micro jigs is a ton of fun. Yellow Perch are also extremely good table fare.

There are still some crazy guys fishing lake champlain for boat is under cover for the season.

Other big news: Cathy and I quit smoking a week ago....wearing a patch which seems to be working very well...

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hide a Bead Hares Ear Nymph

This is the "go to fly" of my guide service. There is a brass or tungsten bead hidden in the thorax
and under the wing case. As a rule of thumb use: 5/32 beads on size 10, 1/8 beads on 12 &14, and 3/32 on size 16. Fished upstream with an indicator....making sure to contact bottom once and a while....DEADLY.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Meet my new bird dog "JAKE"

I finally found a puppy which will follow in Tucker's paw Jake. A pup from Kirby Mountain kennels in E. Burke Vt. Jake is 8 weeks old and about 9 lbs.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Trout fishing

The Trout fishing is hit or miss. I had a nice gentleman from Kansas for two days last week. Day one we caught two rainbows between 10 to 12" and a trophy 22"brown on tungsten nymphs. Then the second day three hits only and no fish caught. I am now fulltime guiding bird hunters. So if you are going to fish check out the BWO hatch on the Battenkill on Rte 313 under the Rockwell covered bridge. If its a nice day usually it starts about 2pm and lasts till 4pm. I use a BWO thorax dry size 20 or 22.

I will continue to post throughout the winter....mainly flies and tying topics so please stay tuned.
I also plan to activate a blog for other than fly fishing is coming and when the weather permits jigging perch is alot of fun.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fall Trout fishing

Vermont Brown and Brook Trout are all colored up in fall colors and will be looking to spawn shortly. Regular Trout season is nearing the end. Last day is October 31st. Several river systems
in the Champlain basin remain open year around. Lake Champlain is also open year around for Trout, Landlocks and Lakers. The salmon bite on the main lake is heating up. Water temp on Champlain is 52. When we get to 48 the Lake Trout bite will be on. I've got a couple more trips with fishermen than its all bird hunting until the first weekend in November.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Fall Fishing on Lake Champlain

On October 1st Bill"anything fishy" Osborne and I went fishing at Benson. After several guide trips, I knew the Perch bite was on and we wanted to have a fish fry soon. This day was all about targeting Vermont most fished for game fish the Yellow Perch. Its my opinion only Walleye is a better table fish than Perch. We had a great time and it was nice to get a chance to actually fish. Our catch included a nice Northern Pike, a dozen Bass and a 1/2 a pail of Perch. Please check out photos taken by Bill Osborne. Click on photo to enlarge.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Vermont fishing the end of September

It did rain over the weekend and more is in the forecast for this week. We really need it for the small streams and ponds. Lake Champlain, major lakes, Battenkill, Otter and main stem rivers have been fine....everything else really needed the rain. Mother nature really knows how to take care of all her critters.

I made a mistake on my Woodcock prediction of season opener. Woodcock season opens Oct 8th and ends Nov 6th....also Duck season opens Oct 10th....please take note of this lake fisherman....Benson will be a war zone....and more than likely there will not be any parking.

Bass are hitting funny....picking up bait and swimming away with really have to be a "line watcher"....the Perch bite is red hot on Champlain! I'll be putting a ton of fillets in freezer this coming Thursday.

Trout are overwhelmed with leaves in the water....this is a normal thing by the end of this week they will settle takes about a week or so for the trout to settle down. Hopefully with the rain coming... we can get back on the small streams....I love fishing for Brook Trout in the fall. They get all fired up color wise in pre spawn mode.

Hatches currently: Fall Caddis (orange), tan caddis and BWO

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Looking like fall in Vermont

Photo by Bill "anything fishy" Osborne

I have been pretty busy guiding and getting my wholesale fly line together to write this winters work. We had a light frost in the valley a couple mornings ago. Trout fishing is a mid morning and afternoon affair. On windy days there is alot of debris in the water. I've been successful with dryfly and wetfly combos fished upstream on the Battenkill. The Walloomsac in my opinion is done for the season. Currently the Battenkill is the best option with the Mettawee a close second.
We need rain.....I can't believe I just wrote that.....but we do....small streams are very low!!! Word has it Landlocked Salmon on Champlain are staged but need water to draw in the run. Same thing on the Salmon river in New York....small runs of Salmon....but need water to get the big push in.

Grouse season opens this coming Saturday....Woodcock opens on the 6th of October...At that point I jump around between guiding Trout, Bass and buddy Tucker loves the new homestead and is in GREAT shape for an old dog....

Bass are moving towards the bank. Water temps are dropping and the bite is on. Been hearing alot of chatter about a pike bite too....we'll see on Thursday and Saturday when I have lake trips.

Thinking the mountain Brook thing is also a done deal for this sure was fun this summer.

October is very busy around some openings in the beginning of the month then its booked solid from Oct 8th until November 4th. I will be thinking Lakers on Champlain then. Since Nick has out grown youth deer hunting...the first weekend in November I will be open for Laker trips. All for now and thanks for staying tuned and please tell your buddies about the blog!!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Vermont fishing and fishing news

The fishing is now out of early morning mode. No more getting up at 4:00 am!!!! Trout fishing is pretty good. The Battenkill is plan A most days. Seeing alot of orange fall caddis throughout the day.

Bass fishing in local ponds has been good also. Poppers on the surface are the number one producer. Surface temperature in high 60's. Air and water temps are almost equal. Bass are still in 10 feet of water but will move up any day.

Sad News: Fran Betters of Adirondack fame died last week. Fran created the: Ausable wulff, Usual and Haystack (original compradun style). Mr Betters had been in failing health for quite awhile.

Amazing News: A potential new world record Brown Trout. Caught Sept. 9th on the Manistee river, MI. 43.75 inches 41lbs 7 oz. !!! For the best internet coverage check out this link:

Today is a prep a big run of trips coming is short...go fishing.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


The MAN least the tying bench. I tie roughly 1000 dozen flies a year.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Labor Day weekend Battenkill flyfishing Forecast

Water levels and weather should make for an excellent holiday weekend for Fly fishing the Battenkill region. I have been hearing reports of flying ants!!! The female flying ant looks like a termite and is about a size 14. The Battenkill Brown Trout love them. I have seen browns rising very, very selectively to blue quills or trico duns....then have flying ants start.....all of a sudden they become stupid. Not often do you hear....Battenkill, Brown Trout and Stupid. I have been bass fishing the last couple days and will be bassing today....but count on I have flying ants in my vest and will be on the Battenkill over the weekend.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Custom Fly Tying Service

Yesterday while it was raw, chilly and raining buckets...I worked on a custom fly order for a gentleman going Atlantic Salmon fishing to the Gaspe Peninsula. The river he plans to fish is the Sainte Anne around September 11.

I tied the following patterns: Bee Wulff, Badger Bombers, Green Machine all salmon dries. For hairwing wetflies; Black Dose, Green Highlander, Jock Scott, Rusty Rat, and Silver Doctors.

If you are going on a major trip and have a fly list... please let me put in a bid. I have tied flies for almost every species that eat chicken feathers and fur. The internet makes it extremely easy to get pattern recipes and preferred fly lists for every destination worldwide.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Southern Vermont Fly Fishing for Brown Trout

Check out a Brown Trout caught by Bob Cameron, of Joe Jones at Great Outdoors in Rutland.
Fat, strong and ready to be caught again soon. I gave the boys a great tour of my playground:
Walloomsac, Battenkill and the Branch. Looks like another major rain event will happen this weekend. Look for termites, flying ants and fall caddis very soon.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mettawee Headwaters

The upper Mettawee continues to be a very productive fish with a nice mix of wild Brown and Rainbow Trout. Todays water level was just a tiny bit high for dryflies but they were hammering beadhead nymphs in size 14 and 16 under a indicator about 30 " up the leader. This stretch has really great access off Dorset Hollow Road (next to Barrows House) a right hand turn off rte. 30.
A couple miles up the hollow road you'll go over a bridge on the river. Take that right turn and park by the historical marker for "Fenton Pottery Site". The surrounding lands are private, but once you're in the river its public domain. A bunch of this stretch that follows hollow road closely.

The Battenkill on Rte 313 today was only streamer/ sink tip fishable. The Sac is dropping in a big way. Tomorrow, I will be fishing with the boys from Joe Jones at Great Outdoors...this is your local Rutland, Vt sports shop.....imagine a fly shop where the guys actually fish!!! and not just talk the talk...Please stay tuned...

Monday, August 24, 2009

Vermont Fly Fishing for Trout

The fly fishing for trout this last week was pretty decent. I had total beginners all week so mostly it was learning to cast, learning to wade....all the things one needs to know to chase trout.
All week everyone had hits and several caught. One day on the sac my newbies caught 5 apiece.
Water.....we have great water levels....rain yes we have had rain. Bringing me to my next thought in this rant. If you won't fish in the have no business lining up a guide or for that matter even thinking about fishing. Some of my biggest Brown trout were caught in the rain...some of the best alltime days bass fishing were in the rain....even deer hunting....I've shot a bunch of deer on rainy days....Do I love standing in the but it's part of the deal on spending time outdoors.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Chuck Kashner's Favorite Caddis Dryfly

Here it is....simple and deadly....No hackle, tan hares ear body, deerhair it wet, fish it dry....this fly catches fish.

Manchester Vt. Fly fishing for Trout

Couple more days in a row of this kind of weather and we'll be doing the trico thing!!! Until the tricos get consistant...THINK CADDIS.

Monday, August 10, 2009

BATTENKILL in Southern Vermont

Southern Vermont Battenkill fly fishing

Currently we are seeing the following hatches on the Battenkill: Tricos, BWOs, and Tan Caddis.

Tricos are just starting and are yet to be dependable. I did put clients this weekend into a large pod of Brook Trout that were eating caddis recklessly. All water levels are in great shape around here. August temperatures and bugs with June water levels....lets go fishing.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Check out this photo....most are males with black bodies...the females have off white bodies.

Vermont fly fishing report TRICOS

I saw a ball of TRICOS this am on the "sac". With all the high water we have had they are late. Water levels are nearing normal June levels....which is awesome for August. Tricos are intense but its not the only game we can play. We did the red midge worm thing this morning. I really need decent casting skills to really play the Trico game. Small bugs, long leaders, fine tippets and selective trout. Let the game begin.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Summertime Vermont Trout Fishing

The hot weather is here. The past several days we have been fly fishing for Trout in southern Vermont. We will be seeing Tricos any day and I have my trico box in my vest. BWO size 16 are working very well. I am using a cross pattern between a compradun and a usual. Its got a snowshoe rabbit foot wing with a split tail. Its been deadly. Mayflies and caddis are present for a couple hours in the morning and an hour just before dark. So whats a wild trout to do for food???? TERRESTRIALS= living or growing on land but when they fall in the water the trout think they are yummy.

Ants, beetles, inch worms, leaf hoppers, grasshoppers, crickets, tent worms, moths, termites, flying ants.....if its in the water.....its lunch.

One of my favorite summertime combos is a yellow adams wulff trailed by a black ant wetfly. This has been an excellent Mettawee combo for wild rainbow trout. Yes....I said it....the Mettawee....we fished the upper Mettawee in Dorset and did quite well.

Mountain streams for Brook Trout, wet wading, 6'2weight, dryflies.....get some!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Vermont Bass Fishing

The Bass fishing in Vermont between 5 to 8 am is ELECTRIC!!!! The last several times out we have really been hammering them...both large and smallmouthes. Some of you "Trout guys" just don't know what you are missing...power nap time

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Vermont fishing

The Gar fishing was a bust....too windy to sight fish so we fished for bass and did ok with clousers and soft plastic baits. I will keep looking for opportunities to fish gar. I have caught a half dozen and have seen several that were close to 5 feet long.....

Fished Smallmouths on the West River on Friday.....We caught some but the West River is a tough fish no doubt about it.

Saturday was a cancellation......sat on the dock.....tied flies for a custom order, repaired some broken fishing if its not will be soon. Patched some waders and tied more flies.

Sunday: Came up with a new beetle pattern to imitate Japanese beetles which are now hatched and are everywhere. Spent time around the house....poured 12 dozen jigs....loaded the boat for tomorrow....A bassin we will go! 5am I will be casting to busting Bass...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Vermont fishing guide

This last week I have spent more time in the shop tying flies and organizing gear for the back and forth between Bass in the lakes and Trout in the rivers. Most of my tying has been re-order stuff for a couple wholesale accounts and a bunch of retail client orders. It has been a very good year to be a fly tyer. If you need flies give me a call or email.

Main stem rivers are getting back into shape at least in Manchester, Ludlow and in Bennington. Alot of rivers in central and northern Vermont are still pretty high. The high air temperature yesterday was in the 60's with early May water levels with a late June water temp.....the fishing is pretty good across the board.

Unlike some states...We have alot of wild trout....these fish are always around and provide a challenge to fisherman all season. Point is the fish are here....water levels are great...BWO, caddis and green stones are hatching....I know a guide who has some openings....give a call.

The other day while surfing the web I came across some bass aging information which really blew me away. a 11" bass / 2years old, 15" bass / 5years, 18" bass / 12 years old....check out the data posted by Shawn Good, Vt fisheries's the link

I was amazed....we have been beating on a bunch of Lake Champlain senior citizens...
The Bass are eating crank baits on weed edges very well! In the next couple weeks the clouser minnows are coming out as all the spring hatched fry is starting to move away from the cover...
Some of the best Bass fishing is really still coming.

Watch for Tricos....I have my trico box in the truck....if we get a week of hot weather we'll see Tricos on the sac....

Please stay tuned....we are chasing Alligator Gar tomorrow with rope flies!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Battenkill Region Fishing Report

There's a saying in Vermont...if ya don't like the weather....wait 5 minutes... We have been on a roller coaster weather wise for a couple weeks. Water levels have been all over the place. As a guide its been impossible to pattern and there has been plenty of target switches made while on the run. There have been times when river systems like the main stem Battenkill are just not fishable. The "Sac" has been steady and producing. Small streams like the upper Battenkill also have been fine. There hasn't been a single day I've left the house without looking at water data. Rivers like the Walloomsac and Black river will rise fast but they also drop fast. The Battenkill and Otter Creek not so much....they take many days to drop. Overall the fishing has been good...we just might have to fish plan D or E...

Hot Fly patterns other then normal stand bys:
Black Beetles, Black Ant Wets, BWO's in a 16, No Hackle Caddis, Gray CDC caddis, Green Stones.
Ausable and Yellow Adams Wulffs in a 14 or 16...

I am and will be until the end of August in MORNING MODE....We fished mountain brooks yesterday...Nick and I scouting new water. First brook had that tannic rust colored water and it sucked....second brook produced very well with a brookie on the first cast....third brook was dead because of the Atlantic Salmon program and the last brook near Manchester produced well for being the heat of the day. All day we never changed the fly....size 16 ausable wulff...Want to go fishing give me a call....I've got a bunch of openings upcoming...

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Richardson chest fly box

With the new fishpond vest I am wearing...I have returned to using my 35 year old chest fly box. fly box is 35 years old....its a great box as many of you have seen. My father gave it to me for my 13th birthday prior to a trip to West Yellowstone. Spoiled fishing kid....well maybe.
Any way here's a web link to the company that still makes them:

Monday, June 29, 2009

Vt fly fishing guide service report

This is the time of the year when I am splitting my time between lake and river. Guiding fly fishing for trout on rivers and spin fishing for bass, pike and panfish on lakes. So here's what has been happening....

June instructional day on a pond learning to fly cast and then some time on the Battenkill teaching clients to wade, cast, down and across, and "chuck and duck"...catching fish wasn't really an option because these folks had never fished for anything on any building blocks is a tough feat to catch fish with a fly. However this party was also in the book for tomorrow. Hence the plan was to line up all my ducks on day one....then knock them down tomorrow.

June 26th...Day 2....need to "catch"....went to the "sac" and we did catch trout. Wife caught 2 and husband 3. All nice Brown Trout....then the rain it has been wet this month....seems like it has rained every day for weeks. We caught swinging caddis pupa and dead drifting red midge worms. Very successful outing. Two first fish catches!

June 27th Lake fishing with my father/daughter regulars from Bennington....We caught a bunch of bass and a single pickeral. One of the bass was a 17" smallmouth (Brown Bass) which had a huge case of BAD ATTITUDE...I LOVE BROWN BASS.....they just are pissed off as soon as they get hooked....Today was the first day in a while that a rain coat wasn't needed. The bigger bass seem to be pulled off the bank....they move around but I have been seeing the last couple years that the bigger fish are getting away from the fishing pressure the visible bank cover gets.

June 28th Fly fishing for trout....I had this group last year in October and got humbled with them. Yes folks it does happen....I don't like it but it does happen....its called fishing not catching.
I was glad to get a second chance with them.....We went to my best two spots on the Walloomsac and hammered them pretty good. Hot flies: red midge, caddis dry and tungsten nymphs size 14.
The water levels have been all over the place but mother nature has been kind to me so far.

Today June 29th...Lake fishing with a grandfather and a 8 year old grandson. Today was a jig and crawler panfish fest while granddad caught about a dozen bass on shiners....Vermont fishing trips guide sevice will fly fish for trout always.....but on the lake I fish with whatever it thats.
We caught: Bluegills, pumkinseed, yellow perch, white perch, largemouth and smallmouth bass.
Bottom line....this child likes to fish!!!!This was his second time with me and there was a promise to do it again next year.

Tomorrow:::Trout fishing... up at O dark hundred hours....please stay tuned and I would like for you to sign up in the followers box and contribute...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Walloomsac Fly fishing in Southern Vermont

We fly fished the "sac" yesterday with great success. Catching a bunch of Brown Trout and several Brookies on red midge worms in the spillway, then caddis pupa behind a tungsten hares ear and after dinner on rusty spinners & tan caddis. Now its morning mode fishing for the most part......getting in at 10pm....unloading shore meal stuff....returning emails etc... the alarm clock set for was a SHORT night...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Vermont Mountain Brook Trout Fly Fishing

Here in Vermont there are countless miles of mountain brooks. Some of which are teeming with Native "wild" Brook Trout. On Monday we sampled a couple and the Mountain Brook Trout bite is on!!! 6 foot 2 weight rods, short leaders, short casts and drifts with easy to see dryflies. Want to spend a fun day... try fishing Vermont mountain brooks.....July and August are the best months to target these areas. My favorite dryflies are: ausable wulffs, yellow adams wulffs, caddis, black beetles and sometimes a black ant trailing fly. These Brookies are not real big....4 to 9 inches but they have attitude and are mountain jewels. Talk about quick....sometimes these little buggers will hit a dryfly twice on a drift and not get pricked. Postcard settings, easy to read water, aggressive dryfly action during bankers hours...Give it a try soon....the Mountain Brookie bite is on!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Southern and Central Vermont Fly Fishing

With all the rain we have had this week, the Trout will not have to deal with fishing pressure this weekend. Almost all river and streams are blown out!!! Bass fishing yesterday was good...not great but that had more to do with where we fished. The "Ty" area of Lake Champlain just gets too much bass fishing pressure. I believe the fish are holed up in deeper water than we fished. My "girlfriend" Cathy....really doesn't like fishing off the banks or in deep water...we caught a bunch of Bass...but honestly over the years we are very spoiled. Lake Champlain is an awesome Bass fishery and we have had a ton of days when we hammered them both in numbers and in size.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Testimonial email for this last week

‘’I have fished with great trout guides in Montana, New Mexico, Argentine Patagonia, Iceland, UK, Ireland, France & Spain, and with Chuck for the last 5 years in Vermont. The scenery is lovely, the tackle is good, the flies are spot on, and Chuck is a great technician who knows his rivers very well. It’s also great fun. I can catch much easier and/or bigger wild trout elsewhere in the world, but I keep coming back…’’
Adrian Latimer, Paris, France

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Walloomsac Trout fishing

June 13th. Went to the Walloomsac in Bennington with a client. With the rain we had and the caddis and sulfur hatches....the "sac" has come to life!!! Fly fishing was excellent for Brown Trout as well as a few very nice Brookies. Water level was a touch high for dryflies but we did very well fishing down and across and upstream with indicators. This is a huge turn around from how poorly the "sac" was fishing. Have some open dates this weekend June 18, 19, 20. Please call me if you are interested in booking a date. 1 800 682 0103 or email

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Knotted Leaders

I use and tie my own knotted leaders. This is not really a cost saving plan. Instead, I believe its a more effective way to manage clients leader issues. I tie a stock leader being a 9' 4X leader. From this I can add 3' of butt section to make a 12' or better leader to fish the Battenkill. Or I can cut the butt back to make a short leader to fish mountain brooks. For lighter tippets...5 or 6X....I cut the 4X tippet on the stock leader and add more or lighter tippet. Here is the leader formula I use:

Knotted 9 foot 4X leader:

Butt 36" of .019
16" of .017
12" of .015
6" of .013
6" of .011 (0X)
6" of .009 (2X)
tippet 26"of .007 (4X)

Replacement mono or spools of mono I have in my vest for leader repair or tinkering:
.019, 0x, 2X, 3X, lots of 4 &5X, 6X and in August 7X.

Best bet if you are going to build some leaders is to buy a leader tie kit. Another advantage to tying some of your own leaders is the practice at knot tying....will help you on the water.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Vermont Fly Fishing Early June

June 4 & 5th we fished East Creek and Otter Creek in Rutland ,Vt. The water levels were perfect and both trips were very successful. Primary technique was short line nymphing with indicators. They were still eating a Kashner tungsten nymph in 10 thur 14 very well. In fact we broke one off in a fish...then later we caught the same fish...on the same fly....I think they like it.

June 6th we fished the roaring branch in Kelly stand for about 1 1/2 hours...caught 3 native brookies on Ausable wulffs....but its still a little early for mountain fishing. Later we fished the main stem Battenkill off of Rte 313. My client caught several brookies and a very health 16" Brown Trout. We ended the trip at 8pm for their dinner plans. Caddis hatch was just starting...
looking like the primary rise is between 8 to 9pm....very normal for this time of the year.

June 7th...finally got a chance to fish with my son "Nick"....its been over a month since we've trout fished together. Pulled into East good as it was Thursday and Friday....Sunday was a bust...they were holding back water at the dam....minimal flows on East Creek is tough, tough....after hitting 3 pools we were on our way to Nick's favorite brook. We fished about a quarter mile of brook catching in most spots we fished. Pattern doesn't matter as long as you can see it. Later we hit Otter Creek nymphing down and across with Kashner Caddis pupa....the old guide actually even fished... making sure the young buck remembers that Dad can still cast.
Several browns and one very feisty rainbow came to hand.

June 8 & 9th we got some very needed rain!!! Water levels on the Black River in Ludlow were lower than I ever remember fishing.

June 9th Fished the branches of the Battenkill with guest. Caught a bunch of Brook Trout...the sad news is Rock Snot is now present in places on the west say the least I am pretty bummed about it....guess the beavers and ducks haven't been dipping in bleach like we have.

For the next several days, I will be guiding on the Battenkill drainage around Manchester and Arlington, Vermont. I expect to see caddis, sulfurs and rusty spinners. The Black River in Ludlow is now a morning only for me and my guiding its time to move on a feature the Battenkill. Next week I plan to scout some on the Mettawee and fish for Bass at least on day.

Please stay tuned and comments are always welcome.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Early June Vermont Fly Fishing for Trout

Its June....the purple and white phlox are blooming...and the Vermont Trout fishing is excellent!
Last week, we had some very needed rain and some rivers were unfishable on Friday May 29th. But, the Black fished well and the branches of the Battenkill also produced. Currently for hatches I am seeing the following bugs: tan caddis 14, 16, Yellow Sallys 12, 14 (finally...they are late), cahills and sulfurs are building in nightly numbers, rusty spinners after 7pm.

Hot patterns:
fishing down and across: Bh hares ear sz 12 with a caddis pupa trailer, shushan postmaster trailer with a light cahill wet on the dropper, or a march brown nymph with a light cahill wet trailer.

strike indicator (chuck and duck): Tungsten hares ears 10 to 14, march browns sz. 12, Queeche brown nymphs.

Dryflies: Sulfur usual/compradun, Light cahill, tan caddis, rusty spinners.

The Vermont fly fishing is excellent> GO FISHING TONIGHT!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Vermont Fly Fishing

The fly fishing for Trout in Vermont has been quite good. Here are the details:

Black River Trophy area in Ludlow, Vt.

The Black has been fly fishing very well. The fish are acting like wild fish....taking wetflies fished down and across, dryflies fished both upstream and tuck casted downstream, and streamers stripped across the current. Hendricksons are over. Tan caddis are heavy, seeing plenty of march browns, rusty spinners and we will start seeing cahill/sulfurs very soon.

East Creek Trophy area in Rutland, Vt.

Memorial W/E....the fly fishing on East Creek was EXCELLENT!!! Short line nymphing with an indicator was the ticket all weekend. Size 10 tungsten Hares ear (standard issue) was the hot pattern. Saturday with some rain showers ...we had it all to ourselves....we hammered them...
Towards the end of the trip the power company started holding back water.....but there was still more than enough current at the golf tee pool.

Mountain Brooks and Streams

Still too early....mid June that whole type of fly fishing small water will begin. Wild Brook trout,
6 foot 2 weights with dryflies.....still have some PRIME DATES in June/ July available.

Walloomsac River in Bennington, Vt.

Beat-up is the best way to describe it.....tough, tough, tough!!!! Maybe with this rain we are currently getting and sulfurs on the way things will change.

Battenkill on Rt. 313

The Battenkill is starting to fish well. Rusty spinners after dinner is the primary game. Tan caddis are also abundant. As always, long leaders and fine tippets are required. Stealthy appoarch is also a must! Day out on the battenkill from now to end of the season....It is hard to beat.... swinging a Kashner caddis pupa down and across!!! In the evening if you see soft, quiet rises fish a rusty spinner.....if the rises are hurried and splashy fish a no hackle caddis dry.


Bass are in all stages of spawning. Some are prespawn and looking....some are on beds and gaurding eggs and fry.....some are post spawn and are chewing everything that moves. Not getting alot of time to lake fish yet because the fly fishing for trout is so good.

Get out there!!!! Eat, Sleep and Fly fish Vermont.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Vermont fly fishing report

I have been on the Black River Trophy area for this week and last. Unlike most years, we haven't had any high water.... so the fish have not had a break from fishing pressure. We are catching them but they are getting very educated. New fish will arrive tomorrow. Fly patterns need to be imitative...not attractor. Hot patterns imitate the following bugs:
Tan caddis 14/16, rusty spinner 14/12, march browns, yellow sally, hendricksons, dace, caddis worms.....tomorrow.....we will feed them breakfast again>>>eggs.

Vermont Fly Fishing

This week and last have been very busy guiding fisherman. Up at 5am, coffee-up, shower, load cooler with shore meal, make a dozen casts off the dock, give bird dog some loving, re-stock fly box....then in the truck headed for the Black river in Ludlow. Meet clients, hit the river, find a target, fish,, move....set up for lunch, cook, eat.....FISH, MOVE.....its 5pm, out of waders, "eagle flies"...head my sorry butt home. Get home at 6;15ist....unload shore meal stuff, put away, CATHY HAS BEEN HELPING IN A BIG WAY!!!, check messages via phone, return calls....check computer: emails, return replies, check stocking reports, fishing its around 8:30....hit the chair, try to watch the rings...Yes the fishing is good....etc, etc....its 9:30ist.....watching the inside of my eye lids....down for the count. Alarm goes off....its 5am.....repeat all of above. Thats a fishing guides life. We love what we do, its a hard way to make a living but I would not want to do anything else....MOST DAYS.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Southern Vermont Fly Fishing

We fished the black river yesterday and will be there again today. Tan/sandy caddis!!! are hatching in pretty good numbers. Didn't see many hendrickson duns hatching but there were plenty of spinners bouncing around. It was a little crowded first thing in the morning but it was managable with plenty of spots. By lunchtime.... "MAN BURGER"time...we pretty much had the river to ourselves.

Hot flies yesterday: McCheese egg, Cherise egg, Tunsten hares ear trailed by a hendrickson nymph, soft hackles....caddis dry size 14. Only saw fish rising in two spots. The first spot only a couple rises....the second spot there were 4 different fish working of which they all tried to eat our caddis.

Time to load the shore meal stuff and hit the road and start another day guiding fly fishing in Vermont.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Vermont Fly Fishing Guide Service

I am currently guiding Fly fishing trips for 3/4 or full days. The primary targets to fly fish for trout in southern Vermont are: Black River, East Creek, Upper Battenkill and the Walloomsac.

Vermont Hatches in early May include: Hendricksons, Rusty Spinners, Yellow Sally Stoneflies, Early Black Stones and starting to see some Caddis.

For more details on my Vt. Fly Fishing Guide Service check out my website at:

Vermont Bass Fishing

I fished for Bass, Walleye and Northern Pike in the Lake Champlain canal on May 2nd and 6th.
I was really looking for walleye but the Smallmouths were hitting big time. In 2 half days of fishing we caught a bunch of yellow perch and rock bass, 48 smallies, 5 walleye, and 2 northerns.
For as early as it is.... the Bass fishing has been excellent by all accounts.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Southern Vermont Fly Fishing

Vermont fly fishing for trout on East Creek in Rutland, Vt. is EXCELLENT!!! Rainbows 13 to 21" are spread throughout the trophy area. Daily Vt. flyfishing guided trips on the Black River and East Creek start at 9am. This spring has been warm and dry, so the hendrickson hatch is well under way in most of my target areas. The fishing is very good for this early in the season.

Currently, I have several prime May dates open including the weekend of May 16/17. Last year, we did very well for trophy trout on dryflies in mid-May. I am confident we will see rising trout on both trophy areas within a week.

Tomorrow is a BASS fishing day on Lake Champlain in Benson. Look for the Vermont Bass report very soon.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Southern Vermont Trophy Trout Fishing

This week East Creek, Otter Creek and the Black River were stocked with trophy trout. (14 to 22"). Each of these rivers can fish well into the end of June. My Vermont Fly Fishing Guide Service will be touring these rivers throughout this period.

The best fly pattern on Otter the last couple days was a size 6 BH White flashy fly. We caught all our fish on Otter Creek stripping streamers. This year the VT. State fish and wildlife dept. added a bunch of Brook Trout to the Otter Program. Talk about being active....Aggressive Brook Trout hitting size 6 streamers.

East Creek is currently a nymphing game. Having alot of riffles, East Creek has been a great target over the last three years. Just like in the Black River.....Rainbows like breakfast all day so feed them eggs.

Walleye season opens tomorrow, Turkey season opened today.....MAY is here!!!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hot Patterns for April in southern Vermont

These are the patterns you need for fly fishing in southern Vermont.
  1. tungsten bead head hares ear sz.10, 12, 14
  2. hendrickson nymph unweighted sz. 12
  3. pheasant tail sz. 14, 16
  4. black hares ear (if water is dirty)
  5. Shushan postmaster streamer
  6. thunder creek dace
  7. cone head flashy muddler
  8. blue quill usual dry sz.16
  9. hendrickson usual dry sz. 12, 14
  10. ausable wulff
  11. kashner black midge sz.18
  12. black stone or caddis sz 16

I like a 9 foot leader with a 4x tippet. Best times to fish are 10am to 4pm.

Manchester Vt. Fly fishing

The fly- fishing in Southern Vermont the last couple days has been a nymphing game. Fish are starting to chase flies down and across. Hatches are between 1 and 4 pm still. Black caddis, midges and blue quill. Beaver ponds in river systems have produced the most dryfly action.
The weather forecast for this coming weekend is for sun and 70's! Things are going to explode. Tree buds will start to pop, turkeys will be gobbling and hendrickson will be hatching on the branches of the BATTENKILL.

Next week the Vt. fisheries dept. will start stocking the trophy areas. Let the games begin! I do have some prime open dates still.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Alewife Fly patterns

Alewifes are a new bait fish food source here in Vermont. They have over taken Lake St. Catherine and are spreading heavy in Lake Champlain. The Vermont Fish and Wildlife has stocked St. Catherine with Brown Trout to control them and have created a really good new fishery. Lake Champlain already gets enough fish but their diets are changing from smelt to alewife. So this winter my flyshops needed an Alewife Pattern. You can find my Alewife fly patterns at the following shops:

Joe Jones at Great Outdoors, 219 Woodstock Ave. (rte. 4 east) Rutland Vt. 802-775-9989
This is a great shop and they carry my full line of trout flies. They also carry fishpond, rods, reels, tippet...etc....everything you need to fish in Vermont.

Vermont field sports in Middlebury 802 388-3572

Dattilio's in Burlington 802 862-5516

Friday, April 17, 2009

Lake St. Catherine Brown Trout

I put the boat in today for the first time. Lake St. Catherine is minutes away, so it makes sense to test it there. Spent about 3 hours trolling a wide variety of lures but no takers. It was very sunny and flat....water temp 48 to 50. The whole time I was out... I was thinking about all the custom fly orders I still need to build for clients. So, I really didn't give it my all. Also, I wanted to do a bug check on the New York side of the Mettawee. Didn't see any Hendricksons over there but it will be any day now. Aquatic insect hatches are funny....a hatch will start in the headwaters and on the lower sections and move towards the middle of the drainage. Back to the tying bench!!! Hope you all have a great weekend.

Past and present client feedback

If you would like to comment on Chuck Kashner's guide service. Please post it on this thread.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Southern Vermont Trout fishing

I spent some time today looking at the Walloomsac River in Bennington, Vt. This is one of my favorite Vermont rivers to guide flyfishing on. It's too early to fish the Walloomsac although it was in good shape. As a fishing guide, there is alot of walking and looking....and not as much fishing. In the afternoon, I spent time on the Battenkill looking for hatch activity. Blue Quills are the primary food source. Most of the Trout today were picking out nymphs in the surface film trying to emerge. But if a dun did get in the was eaten. Will be Lake fishing for Brown Trout tomorrow. Over the winter, I created an Alewife trolling pattern I need to fish. Lake St. Catherine has been producing alot of Brown Trout and I've seen several over 5 lbs. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


With two really nice days in a row of sun and high 50's....we saw our first mayflies and rising trout of the 2009 season. It was limited target wise. Saw early black stones, more black midges, some blue quills and even a handful of hendricksons! We didn't expect it, so we really didn't have alot of time on the right spots. Caught fish on adams 18, blue quill usual 16, hendrickson usual 14, and when surface action slowed we caught them on a size 14 tungsten bead head. It is only going to get better with the weather forecast. Today is going to be high 50's and tomorrow in the 60's....It has begun! Vermont fly fishing for trout in southern vermont.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Upper Battenkill Fly fishing

Yesterday was a return to normal April temperatures. April fly fishing in Vermont is an afternoon game ending a little after 4pm. With the current weather forecast, we should start seeing black caddis, midges and blue quills this coming weekend. Today on the upper Battenkill was again a chuck and duck nymphing affair. As for water conditions, run off and water temps. we are in great shape!!! There is no rain in the forecast with temps in the mid 50s. Let the fly fishing in Vermont game begin.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Sunday

The air temp. yesterday never got above 35 and there was a tough north wind.....BUUUUUURRRR! Took some stream walks, cut a little brush on some bounce trails but had no need or desire to put waders on. Currently, its 48 at 9:30 so thare will be some Vermont fly fishing this afternoon.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Opening Day of Vermont Trout Fishing

It was COLD this am....33 when I got up....we left at 9am to fish...first stop Flower Brook in Pawlet. The river was clear, cold and just a touch high to fly fish. So, Nick drifted some "garden hackle"...hit a couple holes and split to hit some brook trout stuff. In Dorset, we hit one of our favorite little Brookie holes. After 3 or 4 missed hits, Nick scored 3 in a row....Nice Brookies 8 to 10"ers. Off to Manchester and the branch of the Battenkill. 8' 4 weight temple fork in hand and Dad on his shoulder... we caught 5 more brookies and a brown. Today (as for the next week) was all about finding current seams and reduced current about waist deep with broken bottom (rocky) . Then using Tungsten BH hares ears with indicators....getting a dead catch fish in the early season you need to lose some flies....if you aren't getting hits....add weight or increase the length of your tippet between indicator-fly... We ended the day back at Flower brook in Pawlet to catch a rainbow and complete a trout grand slam. The Mettawee/ Flower rainbows are thinking more about spawning than eating but we did manage a 10" bow to complete the slam. Just a great day was ok, was great to get back on the water and like every opening was a quality day fishing with my son.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Tomorrow is opening day

Vermont trout season opens tomorrow!!! My son and I are going to fish hard. Looking to spend time on every small stream from Pawlet to Manchester, Vermont. Today, is a hardcore prep to load up my new fish pond vest.....scary a new vest....will need alot of practice finding stuff.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Getting ready for opening day

I tied trolling flies, hornbergs, bead heads, put the motor on the boat, spooled line on several reels....very busy, not near enough time to complete todays "to do" lists