Wednesday, July 31, 2013


I had a fun day today guiding a repeat client....Why wear green...GO PINK
GREAT DAY! Let's go fishing

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Vermont Summer Patterns

We are in our summer patterns here in Vermont except on the main stem Battenkill. The Battenkill on Rte 313 is fishable now...FINALLY.... but instead of fishing tiny little stuff on the Kill like a normal end of July....swing streamers!!! A favorite combo is a size 14 black ant on the dropper trailed by a Shushan Postmaster Streamer...Ants, Ants and beetles are the hot fly patterns for a wetfly swing....there are BWO in a size 16 around and we should start seeing TRICOS...yes TRICOS....those little spinners that drive experienced fishermen nuts....mountain brooks are happening so are the lakes for warm water species...thanks for the view and please check back....since mother nature has straighten out her attitude:))) I'll try to post more often now

Monday, July 15, 2013

Vermont Mountain Brook Trout Fly Fishing

Vermont has a ton of small mountain brooks. Some which are teeming with native wild Brook Trout. We sampled a couple yesterday and the bite is on!!! Using a 6' 2 weight and wulff style dryflies....mountain Brookies are the jewels of the Green Mountains. Want to talk about fast....those little buggers can hit a fly twice on the same drift and never get pricked. Short rods, short leaders, short drifts.....away from other fishermen in postcard settings...the mountain brookie fishing is a nice change of pace. Alot of days while guiding, we'll spend time in the morning on the bigger water and then move to the mountains. My all time favorite fly patterns are: Ausable and /or yellow wulff


Summertime patterns and conditions have finally arrived in Vermont. It looks like this coming weekend we will be able to finally get onto the Battenkill. The Mettawee and Walloomsac are perfect now. Otter is good and with the water conditions we had in June...the Black River could even be considered as a target. Lake fishing is also hot and heavy now! Trips are in the morning...the evening bite is too short to guide on. There are plenty of openings so please consider a trip and call me. The mountain brook, little rods and dryfly thing for Brookies is NOW HERE... Hot fly list: BWO 16's, Ants, Beetles, Caddis 16, dun caddis 16, rusty spinners 16 and 18, little green stones, yellow adams wulff, and as always BH nymphs but in 14 and 16's, pheasant tail nymphs, and olive wd40...IT'S SUMMER!

Monday, July 8, 2013

The levels on the Walloomsac are the best in the state BUT...there has been days it hasn't been fishable..the triangles show the historical average levels
Now the Battenkill on the other hand least on Rte 313 in Arlington ...has NOT been fishable since late May....600 cfs is the ok to fish...I really like 450 to 250 cfs.... Sorry for the lack of posts this last month...but as soon as I post I am a liar...Mother Nature clearly still has her panties in a bunch...I have been fishing / guiding and catching fish....but it is a day to day adventure and I am very hesitant to make bold posts.