Friday, February 17, 2017

A little winter fun

I introduce the "Kashner Olive Loaf Slider". This is for all those times when you are blowing down the lake in your boat. Suddenly, you see a hog Bass steal a sammy from the kid sitting on the end of the dock. It comes in 2 sizes 1/0 and 9/0. I'm considering models in Ham & Swiss, Reuben, and Chicken Parm. Yeah, I guess I have a touch of cabin fever...but if it's stuff to be attached to hooks with thread, wire or glue...I'm your man!

Monday, February 6, 2017

2017 Winter update!

Sorry for being lame and not posting much...the side bar has a search device and the achive is LOADED with info....pretty much winter routine here...
I spend long days and nights parked here!
Making piles of these!
Every once and a while I take someone on the ice...
And alot of regulars have booked their dates..but there are a ton of awesome or email me if you are interested in a trip! Its always better to say: I want to see this when should I come? THEN I'm coming on !/#$/17 are you open? Thanks for the view!