Friday, November 26, 2010

Deer Hunting tonight

I had a skipper doe just about step on me tonight. I watched her all the way down a small ridge that ended about 4 steps away....I was starting to think I'd have to poke her with my rifle 4 steps away I winked at her....OMG that deer came could have heard me laughing all the way to endless brook road...

Felt wader ban in Vermont

So its official...I've seen it in the fish and game rule book....April 1, 2011 it is illegal to wear felt bottomed waders....fine may be up to $1000.00.....IMO this is BULLSHIT!!! Looking into Korker wading sandals for a quick fix....I rotate 15 pair of waders....replacing them all at one time is out of the question unless a manufacturer helps out.....the current plan is to remove felt and use korker sandals and look for a lawyer who wants to test this in court....this whole bill slipped through the legal process without any (to my knowledge) public input....please stay tuned

Monday, November 8, 2010

We dodged a huge problem in fishing tackle.

On 11/4/10 the EPA denied the petition calling for a ban on the manufacture, use and processing of ANY lead in fishing tackle....this was HUGE!!! Some of you helped in sending emails...THANK YOU!!! We really need to keep a very close watch on our current state and federal lawmakers....this petition would have made sink tip flylines illegal....the link below spells out outcome....WE GOT LUCKY....fishermen currently do not have an NRA type lobby to my knowledge....WATCH THEM CLOSE!!!and please stay tuned