Wednesday, September 30, 2015


We have water now boys and girls! After a really hot and dry summer being blown out today is AWESOME!...The Sac went from 30 cfs to still spiking at 1870 cfs...that is 4 feet over night...AWESOME... OK short term: today and maybe tomorrow well it may suck but man did we need it! Think big! Sinktips + big streamers = BIG BROWN TROUT...I have had my eye on some stompers during the low its time my friends. The big net will be on my back again and that stud on the sac...the next client who can cast the 7 weight and strip streamers is going to pet you! Notice is served.
I am removing all that tiny trico stuff from my vest. See ya next July trico box:)Fall is here. I LOVE FALL! Woodcock season opens tomorrow so its the back and forth game between Trout and Birds...Thanks for the view!