Sunday, November 26, 2017

Master "go to guide flies" Selection

For 25 seasons Chuck Kashner has instructed a system fly fishing plan. The 4 components to be successful are: Target (where and what are you fishing for), Approach (how to get in the proper position to catch),Imitation (what fly to use) and Presentation (how to get the right drift and get the fish to eat your fly)....this system or mind set will work for all species... every season... year after year. These are the flies that are always in Chuck's chest box!
From top to bottom: Row 1: Hide a bead nymphs.. sz 10 with a 4mm brass 12 with 3.2mm brass bead Row 2: Meatballs.. these are super heavy sporting tungsten beads and lead wire looks like a caddis Row 3: WMD (weapon mass destruction)...super heavy tungsten and lead wire looks like a mayfly nymph Row 4: Hatching pupa, Hendrickson and March Brown nymph unweighted and are killer trailer flies Row 5: Kashner Caddis Pupa and Black Ants...these are deadly fished in the surface film behind a dryfly Row 6: Glo bug eggs...early spring and fall...trout eat spawn Row 7: Earthworm, Shushan Postmaster, Olive bh Buggers, CH Muddlers and Flashy fly
From top to bottom: Row 1: No hackle caddis dry...this is hands down Chuck's favorite "go to" dryfly! Row 2: High Vis~Flies: Yellow Adams Wulff and Ausable Wulff Row 3: Rusty Usual...deadly fly sits flush and floats extremely well Row 4: Rusty Spinners...this is the top choice for rhythmic risers in the evening Row 5: Cream Usual...deadly fly sits flush and floats extremely well Row 6: Hackled Deerhair Caddis Row 7: Little Green Stone, Adams and Light Cahill
Operators aren't standing by but Chuck Kashner is really easy to reach at 1-800-682-0103 or email Mastercard, Visa or personal checks are accepted. The master "go to guide fly" selection includes 108 flies tied by Chuck Kashner, a super rugged box, postage included for $196.00