Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Spring thaw and run off has begun here in Vermont. So far, so good...everything has been nice and steady. One of my favorite regular clients, Bennington Bruce emailed me these pixs from the Walloomsac Trophy Section. Its very fishable and it OPEN for C&R fishing!
There are several targets that are currently open to fish with flies or lures C & R....These rivers include: 1. Walloomsac River from NY/VT line to the Paper Plant Dam on Murphy Road in Bennington 2. Black River Trophy Area between Downers covered bridge up to the Howard Hill metal bridge on Rte 131 Cavendish 3. East Creek Trophy Area in Rutland 4. Otter Creek from Lake Champlain to Forest Rd 10 bridge in Danby If we have a nice day in the 50's there are a whole bunch of targets that would be worthy of hitting. The first bugs to hatch will be Black Midges which the Brook Trout LOVE...and early Black Stones. The traditional opening day when everything goes is the second Saturday in April. (4/11/15) I expect Rainbows to be running out of the Mettawee into feeder tribs to spawn and as always really nice Browns will be harassing them to eat their eggs. Mother nature always takes care of her critters and it is always amazing to me how the seasons always catch mid to late April, Brook Trout will be rising for egg laying clusters of Black Midges. Normally, the midge deal is an afternoon event, in beaver pond type areas. These trips are party of one only, half day trips...April guide trip hours are 12 to 4 pm, the heat of the day...there are a bunch of openings because I always wait to see how runoff will play out. THINK SPRING! I have a flock of Redwing Black Birds in the feeder area...PEEPERS will be next! Thanks for the view and please stay tuned.