Monday, December 21, 2009


I have been full time preparing for ice fishing....still tying flies but I will be guiding Ice fishing trips this winter. Please check out my other blog at

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Booking fishing and hunting trips for 2010

Deer season is almost over and it hasn't been very good for the Kashners. First time in over 20 years we have not harvested a deer. Either the deer have been small, not legal horn wise or we haven't had the right shot. Guess I need to pay some dues for that big 8 pointer last year...The new puppy has been taking up all my extra time when I'm not tying flies. Been very busy tying 6/0 Cod teasers for Kittery trading post. Also have a great inventory available for sale of Great Lakes Steelhead flies, trout, saltwater and Bonefish flies. Custom orders are alway welcome!!! Call 1 800 682 0103 or email

The booking season for 2010 is also open. Bird hunts are almost sold out already. Now the focus is on May and June trips. The Black River trips being the next to go....please be in touch...

Looks like ice fishing will start in mid January. I have all the tackle and gear....all you need is a licence and warm winter clothes. We will have a hard side ice shanty on Lake St. Catherine targeting panfish, pike, bass and brown trout. Other targets will be Bomoseen and Hortonia.
Jigging for panfish through the ice with 27" rods, 2 lb test and micro jigs is a ton of fun. Yellow Perch are also extremely good table fare.

There are still some crazy guys fishing lake champlain for boat is under cover for the season.

Other big news: Cathy and I quit smoking a week ago....wearing a patch which seems to be working very well...

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hide a Bead Hares Ear Nymph

This is the "go to fly" of my guide service. There is a brass or tungsten bead hidden in the thorax
and under the wing case. As a rule of thumb use: 5/32 beads on size 10, 1/8 beads on 12 &14, and 3/32 on size 16. Fished upstream with an indicator....making sure to contact bottom once and a while....DEADLY.