Friday, September 24, 2010


Early Fall in Southern Vermont

It is HOT outside today!! I would bet 85 will be a new record high here in Vermont.
Tomorrow is opening day for Grouse hunting....I am still guiding fly fishermen on the Battenkill for Trout. Early in the morning, I have been training the puppy on Quail....He is becoming a nice little bird dog....HE HAS A NOSE!!!! I'm getting good points and he is finding dead week I'll be hunting/training him alot on Grouse/woodcock....Fishing has been good for some and very tough for others....Tricos look to be over....there are some BWOs around and caddis dries in a 16 are still working....size 18 nymphs on the trailer. Yesterday afternoon I had a guy who was having a hard time hooking the hits he was getting swinging we re-ran it with a black nose dace streamer. Third cast....BANG....bigger fish don't miss flies like average fish....after a bunch of coaching and a little tone to let line slip....we landed a beautiful 19 inch male Brown Trout....I switched my other client over to a B-N-Dace for the last minutes of the trip....he caught a 13 inch brown....tomorrow my group will be swinging Black Nose Dace!!! Forecast is for WIND.....there is going to be a ton of leaves in the water....Please stay tuned....foliage trout, woodcock & grouse, puppy updates and late season bass all to come. On a very sad old dog "Tucker" is in very good spirits but is deaf so I guess is now officially retired except to a run here and there.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Quail and dog training

Quail Call back pen was made last week....all parts were 8 Bobwhites yesterday....2 males and 6 the puppy will be on his first real gamebirds....should be a very interesting day! Might let the "OLD DOG" show "THE ROOKIE" a thing or two about this afternoon....Thanks for staying tuned....