Friday, November 21, 2014

Christmas Fly Selection

These are my top fly patterns I use in my guide service. Beadhead Hares Ear size 12, Beadhead Hares Ear size 14, Kashner Caddis Pupa, Caddis No Hackle Dryfly, Black Ants Wetfly, and Usual Dryflies. All these flies are hand tied in Vermont by Chuck Kashner. Packaged in a plastic 6 compartment box (4.5" X 3") which will fit into most shirt pockets.
MasterCard / Visa Welcome 2 Dozen Trout Flies $46.99 includes shipping


Looking for a unique gift for the a gift trip at Vermont Fishing Trips. Call Chuck Kashner with a MasterCard / Visa and choose either a half (4 hrs), three quarters (6 hrs), or full day trip....I'll snail mail you the actual certificate...its very easy! The date of the trip is open it and have the person call me after Christmas and we will knock down all the details....BEGINNERS ARE WELCOME! If someone has always wanted to learn to fly fish...3/4 day trips are PERFECT! Parties are not mixed...these trips and instructionals are private, and all gear is provided. Call Chuck Kashner at 1-800-682-0103 or email to

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Tis the season to tie flies and build custom orders

Bonefish fly order ready to go!
Merkins, McCrabs, Sliders, Chico's Special, Blind Bunny, and Horror
Call me at 1-800-682-0103 for any fly needs...I also do selections for gifts....give me an idea where or what your person fishes for and I can tie you a unique gift for the holiday! Thanks for the view

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Fall Fishing

This weekend I had a very nice couple who were beginners. I taught them how to cast on the grass....we moved to the river, learned to wade and they took turns learning to swing streamers. A liuttle later we switched to Kashner Caddis Pupa fished down and across...SCORE....they both caught their first Trout on a fly...GREAT DAY, fun was had by all!
Tan Kashner Caddis Pupa and CH Muddlers did the deed...thanks for the view!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

October Trout Fishing

I had a guy from Louisiana on this last Friday and a guy from Michigan on Saturday....water conditions remain lower than normal but there are still targets to fish. We caught fish on streamers, caddis pupa, size 16 hide a beads, size 18 BH WD40's, caddis dries and caddis no hackles....the fish is tough when the wind blows due to falling leaves...but... for the most part its been pretty good fishing.
Dress in layers, air temps are from high 30's to 60...water temp 50's. For the most part I am running half day trips...and please keep in mind>>>> we will not have a closed season anymore on the Walloomsac, East Creek, Otter Creek and Black Rivers....thanks for the view!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Fall Colors and low water

Vermont foliage season has begun and low water conditions continue. Long leaders, small flies and stealthy approaches are all important to be successful. All the small streams should be left alone. The fish are all pooled up and are going to make it through if left alone. The bigger rivers and main stems are fishable: Walloomsac, Otter, Battenkill and lower Mettawee. Grouse season started yesterday, Woodcock season opens Oct 1st....there are some Tricos still around but tan caddis in a 16 or 18 is still the main bug.
Thanks for the view and please stay tuned...the fish are getting fired up color wise....we get some rain and things will light up bigtime

Sunday, August 24, 2014


Here is a "new"... now regular client who needed to get a bunch of hits and hook some fish to build confidence in nymph fishing....NYMPHS 'R' US....he came to the right place...mission accomplished
Hot flies: BH nymphs size 16 and 18, WD40's olive or brown in 18, 20's, tricos, BWO, Tan Caddis dries, no hackles, and pupa, flying ants in the afternoon, especially honey (termite looking) a bunch of open dates coming are going back to school and its a great time to go fishing!

Friday, August 15, 2014

A 50 Stater was successful this morning

As a participant of the 50 state client this morning successfully caught fish in Vermont and scratched the Green Mountain State off his list...Life is good, fish hard!
a small size 18 beadhead rocked them early and often. Thanks for the view and please stay tuned!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

August Trout fishing in Southern Vermont

Just because its summer and hot in the afternoons....the Trout fishing in Southern Vermont is still on! It is a morning bite, either half or three quarter days only. Lets go fishing...Call me for open dates.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Southern Vermont Trophy sections still have fish!

but they are EDUCATED and will present a challenging opportunity to sight fish to 18 to 20 inch Trout

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Didymo "ROCK SNOT" information from Dartmouth

Copy and paste this into your is an interesting read

Southern Vermont Update

So its been a while since I posted a "what to use" is what I've been using: Chartreuse green stones, yellow adams wulff trailed by an ant, caddis either hackled or not in a tan 16, BWO, beetles, adams, usuals, Hide a bead nymphs 12-16, caddis pupa 14s, shushan postmasters, clousers, Black nosed dace, thunder creeks, copper snappers, and golden betsies. The mountain brooks are fishing OK if they haven't been beat up with too much pressure....the South Branch is holding up very well, Ferd Creek is decent but the state bird is very present (mosquitoes), City Creek is BEAT....the Mettawee and Battenkill are fishing like the Mettawee and Battenkill.... Lake fishing is ON! I'm actually going to fish myself myself:) WOW, that doesn't happen very often. Its morning mode time of the year...the Trout get real lazy in the afternoon...for that matter the lake fish do too....there are scattered openings so don't think I can't fit you in! In the next week or so we should start seeing Tricos and better BWO hatches... Leaders are going to need to start getting longer and lighter on the big water. Add 3 feet of butt (20lb) to my 9'4X recipe...Thanks for the view! Let's go fishing soon

Sunday, June 29, 2014


This is my daughter McKayla. When she was 12 or 13 years, I tried to take her fly fishing....but after a couple trips, I decided we would have a better time in the boat, lake the years pass, I realized recently I never really taught my daughter (of all people) how to fly this last week our schedules meshed and we when trout fishing....after a quick casting lesson on the lawn we headed out to have a fun morning on the creek...
Click on images to enlarge Let's go is MORNING MODE with the warm afternoons....and the mountain brook gig is ON!


As many of you know, I am a fulltime custom fly tyer. Need flies for a trip give me a call or shoot an email....from Tarpon to Brook Trout, if it has a hook with materials attached with thread...I can tie it for you.... Below are a couple pixs of my most recent order to be shipped. These are heading to the Deschutes River for summer steelhead the end of August.
Click on image to enlarge
This order included: Green Butt Skunk, Street Walker, Purple Peril, Freight Train, Mack's Canyon, Golden Demon, Red Wing Black Birds, Muddlers and egg sucking buggers

Thursday, June 26, 2014

The "ferd" has been HOT!

I've been very busy but now after being blown out today...I find I have a TON of OPEN DATES...CALL me if you want to go fishing....the bite is on in a big are some pixs from two different trips

Sunday, June 22, 2014

One fish, two fish, Silver Fish, Gold Fish...

The Trout fishing in southern Vermont continues to be excellent! We will need to start to switch to morning mode here soon as the days get warmer....still fishing dead drift deep, swinging down and across, stripping streamers and throwing dries on occasion...