Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Vermont Fly Fishing

It is very hard to believe it is going to be July this weekend....its been a crazy ride so far....water levels all over the place and nothing has been normal....we had very wet, then very hot, then it started to get normal and repeat the rain cycle....overall if you pay attention to USGS flow gauging stations, or listen to your guide:))) The fishing has been very good! Currently the Battenkill is unfisahable and will suck this coming weekend....the OTHER RIVER USERS better beware...ITS RIPPING....the Sac, Otter and Wee are in great shape. Would say it looks like May levels but water temp are in the low 60's.....the fish will chase stuff....down and across, chuck & duck, dryflies with wetfly trailers are all techiques that are working....I have had a bunch of guys even stripping streamers....AND DON'T FORGET....THE LAKE FISHING IS ALSO HOT!!! Its mainly morning mode now, half or three quarter day trips...bugs, the state insect is still hungry. We have tan and dun caddis, ants, beetles, lime stones, rusty spinners....Hy Vis dry trailed by an ant wetfly is a really good place to closing, the "Wee" seems to be back!!! Thanks for following my blog.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Vermont Fly Fishing first week of June


Overall the fishing is pretty good for most people. I think I am done now on the Black river in Ludlow....its bottom is getting pretty green and it is SLIPPERY....without our felts...lets all thank Rep. David Deen for not being able to wear felt bottom boots in Vermont....Mr. Deen lives in Putney, Vt.....East Creek in Rutland is another target I am thinking about moving away from....those fish are BEAT UP!!!.... The Battenkill, Walloomsac, Otter Creek and Mettawee are my main targets now....the little mountain brooks are going good too....most of you know how blunt I am....the month of May this year SUCKED....high water, Champlain is still over its banks....the guys who are fishing the KING are fishing in the woods...Benson still has a 22" of water where I like to park.... its been busy....I have some openings and can always fill your fly order needs....I have been tying lots of saltwater flies for guys lately....changed the wheel bearings on my boat trailer recently and taking motor to get a tune up....In my world if it isn't broke>>>>IT WILL BE full time is not as easy as some of you hot fly of the week has been a Hatching Pupa soft hackle behind a hide a bead nymph....Caddis emergers and pupa have also been getting the string tight for people....thanks for following....I have done a website remake on check it homepage, rates page, links page, some new photos and the fishing report page puts you into the blogs....GOOD LUCK and wade careful!!!