Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Vermont Fly Fishing

The fly fishing for Trout in Vermont has been quite good. Here are the details:

Black River Trophy area in Ludlow, Vt.

The Black has been fly fishing very well. The fish are acting like wild fish....taking wetflies fished down and across, dryflies fished both upstream and tuck casted downstream, and streamers stripped across the current. Hendricksons are over. Tan caddis are heavy, seeing plenty of march browns, rusty spinners and we will start seeing cahill/sulfurs very soon.

East Creek Trophy area in Rutland, Vt.

Memorial W/E....the fly fishing on East Creek was EXCELLENT!!! Short line nymphing with an indicator was the ticket all weekend. Size 10 tungsten Hares ear (standard issue) was the hot pattern. Saturday with some rain showers ...we had it all to ourselves....we hammered them...
Towards the end of the trip the power company started holding back water.....but there was still more than enough current at the golf tee pool.

Mountain Brooks and Streams

Still too early....mid June that whole type of fly fishing small water will begin. Wild Brook trout,
6 foot 2 weights with dryflies.....still have some PRIME DATES in June/ July available.

Walloomsac River in Bennington, Vt.

Beat-up is the best way to describe it.....tough, tough, tough!!!! Maybe with this rain we are currently getting and sulfurs on the way things will change.

Battenkill on Rt. 313

The Battenkill is starting to fish well. Rusty spinners after dinner is the primary game. Tan caddis are also abundant. As always, long leaders and fine tippets are required. Stealthy appoarch is also a must! Day out on the battenkill from now to end of the season....It is hard to beat.... swinging a Kashner caddis pupa down and across!!! In the evening if you see soft, quiet rises fish a rusty spinner.....if the rises are hurried and splashy fish a no hackle caddis dry.


Bass are in all stages of spawning. Some are prespawn and looking....some are on beds and gaurding eggs and fry.....some are post spawn and are chewing everything that moves. Not getting alot of time to lake fish yet because the fly fishing for trout is so good.

Get out there!!!! Eat, Sleep and Fly fish Vermont.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Vermont fly fishing report

I have been on the Black River Trophy area for this week and last. Unlike most years, we haven't had any high water.... so the fish have not had a break from fishing pressure. We are catching them but they are getting very educated. New fish will arrive tomorrow. Fly patterns need to be imitative...not attractor. Hot patterns imitate the following bugs:
Tan caddis 14/16, rusty spinner 14/12, march browns, yellow sally, hendricksons, dace, caddis worms.....tomorrow.....we will feed them breakfast again>>>eggs.

Vermont Fly Fishing

This week and last have been very busy guiding fisherman. Up at 5am, coffee-up, shower, load cooler with shore meal, make a dozen casts off the dock, give bird dog some loving, re-stock fly box....then in the truck headed for the Black river in Ludlow. Meet clients, hit the river, find a target, fish,, move....set up for lunch, cook, eat.....FISH, MOVE.....its 5pm, out of waders, "eagle flies"...head my sorry butt home. Get home at 6;15ist....unload shore meal stuff, put away, CATHY HAS BEEN HELPING IN A BIG WAY!!!, check messages via phone, return calls....check computer: emails, return replies, check stocking reports, fishing its around 8:30....hit the chair, try to watch the rings...Yes the fishing is good....etc, etc....its 9:30ist.....watching the inside of my eye lids....down for the count. Alarm goes off....its 5am.....repeat all of above. Thats a fishing guides life. We love what we do, its a hard way to make a living but I would not want to do anything else....MOST DAYS.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Southern Vermont Fly Fishing

We fished the black river yesterday and will be there again today. Tan/sandy caddis!!! are hatching in pretty good numbers. Didn't see many hendrickson duns hatching but there were plenty of spinners bouncing around. It was a little crowded first thing in the morning but it was managable with plenty of spots. By lunchtime.... "MAN BURGER"time...we pretty much had the river to ourselves.

Hot flies yesterday: McCheese egg, Cherise egg, Tunsten hares ear trailed by a hendrickson nymph, soft hackles....caddis dry size 14. Only saw fish rising in two spots. The first spot only a couple rises....the second spot there were 4 different fish working of which they all tried to eat our caddis.

Time to load the shore meal stuff and hit the road and start another day guiding fly fishing in Vermont.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Vermont Fly Fishing Guide Service

I am currently guiding Fly fishing trips for 3/4 or full days. The primary targets to fly fish for trout in southern Vermont are: Black River, East Creek, Upper Battenkill and the Walloomsac.

Vermont Hatches in early May include: Hendricksons, Rusty Spinners, Yellow Sally Stoneflies, Early Black Stones and starting to see some Caddis.

For more details on my Vt. Fly Fishing Guide Service check out my website at:

Vermont Bass Fishing

I fished for Bass, Walleye and Northern Pike in the Lake Champlain canal on May 2nd and 6th.
I was really looking for walleye but the Smallmouths were hitting big time. In 2 half days of fishing we caught a bunch of yellow perch and rock bass, 48 smallies, 5 walleye, and 2 northerns.
For as early as it is.... the Bass fishing has been excellent by all accounts.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Southern Vermont Fly Fishing

Vermont fly fishing for trout on East Creek in Rutland, Vt. is EXCELLENT!!! Rainbows 13 to 21" are spread throughout the trophy area. Daily Vt. flyfishing guided trips on the Black River and East Creek start at 9am. This spring has been warm and dry, so the hendrickson hatch is well under way in most of my target areas. The fishing is very good for this early in the season.

Currently, I have several prime May dates open including the weekend of May 16/17. Last year, we did very well for trophy trout on dryflies in mid-May. I am confident we will see rising trout on both trophy areas within a week.

Tomorrow is a BASS fishing day on Lake Champlain in Benson. Look for the Vermont Bass report very soon.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Southern Vermont Trophy Trout Fishing

This week East Creek, Otter Creek and the Black River were stocked with trophy trout. (14 to 22"). Each of these rivers can fish well into the end of June. My Vermont Fly Fishing Guide Service will be touring these rivers throughout this period.

The best fly pattern on Otter the last couple days was a size 6 BH White flashy fly. We caught all our fish on Otter Creek stripping streamers. This year the VT. State fish and wildlife dept. added a bunch of Brook Trout to the Otter Program. Talk about being active....Aggressive Brook Trout hitting size 6 streamers.

East Creek is currently a nymphing game. Having alot of riffles, East Creek has been a great target over the last three years. Just like in the Black River.....Rainbows like breakfast all day so feed them eggs.

Walleye season opens tomorrow, Turkey season opened today.....MAY is here!!!!!