Friday, July 25, 2014

Southern Vermont Trophy sections still have fish!

but they are EDUCATED and will present a challenging opportunity to sight fish to 18 to 20 inch Trout

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Didymo "ROCK SNOT" information from Dartmouth

Copy and paste this into your is an interesting read

Southern Vermont Update

So its been a while since I posted a "what to use" is what I've been using: Chartreuse green stones, yellow adams wulff trailed by an ant, caddis either hackled or not in a tan 16, BWO, beetles, adams, usuals, Hide a bead nymphs 12-16, caddis pupa 14s, shushan postmasters, clousers, Black nosed dace, thunder creeks, copper snappers, and golden betsies. The mountain brooks are fishing OK if they haven't been beat up with too much pressure....the South Branch is holding up very well, Ferd Creek is decent but the state bird is very present (mosquitoes), City Creek is BEAT....the Mettawee and Battenkill are fishing like the Mettawee and Battenkill.... Lake fishing is ON! I'm actually going to fish myself myself:) WOW, that doesn't happen very often. Its morning mode time of the year...the Trout get real lazy in the afternoon...for that matter the lake fish do too....there are scattered openings so don't think I can't fit you in! In the next week or so we should start seeing Tricos and better BWO hatches... Leaders are going to need to start getting longer and lighter on the big water. Add 3 feet of butt (20lb) to my 9'4X recipe...Thanks for the view! Let's go fishing soon