Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Czech Nymphing

"THE CZECHS ARE COMING...THE CZECHS ARE COMING" This year, I will be showing some of you , in some places Czech nymphing techniques. I WILL NOT be discarding strike indicators anytime soon but there are places Czech nymphing will be deadly. The white and pocket water on the Black River comes to mind first and foremost. Like throwing streamers, I don't plan on doing it all day. The basics of the method are high striking, tight leaders from a bunch of weight, and seeing the hits in the leader....the flies: Czech Nymphs are: HEAVY WEIGHTED,slim ,have a hard shell back with wire rib , and are tied curved caddis hooks. To help see hits on the leader a "SIGHTER SECTION" is built into the leader with bright and contrasting colors....I'm using it in the .013 and .010 sections of my normal leader recipe. Book a May or June guided trip with me and I'll show you how to do it!

Friday, March 8, 2013

The Blogger system

The blogger system I am currently using has been acting weird and has a mind of its own with where the text gets placed....so bear with me....Thanks for following and your view!

Apple Caddis

A Henryville Special variation....after TS Irene here in Vermont it seems to have induced the Grannom Caddis (brachycentrus appalachia):) otherwise known as Apple Caddis....their cases are all over the river bottom in the Battenkill. In 40 years of fishing the Battenkill, I have never seen the rocks so covered....hence, this spring we will have huge hatches and I am getting ready fly wise...this is a change to an old school dryfly...a Henryville special except instead of using duck wing quills I am now using CDC feather....much more durable! These are what the Apple caddis cases look like, my apple caddis worm, Kashner Apple Caddis pupa Do you need APPLE CADDIS FLIES for this May or want a guide who spends a little time on the water....give me a call or email

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Vermont Ice Fishing Trips

My new tool a Marcum LX 5 Sonar Flasher unit...you can see a size 12 jig in 50 FOW and watch fish come up to greet your offering. This is my Vermont Master Angler entry for Largemouth Bass...21 inch 5+ lbs this is one of the portable shanties I use. this is the other one I use....this one has wall to wall carpeting and propane heat