Monday, June 28, 2010

Southern Vermont Fishing

Summer is here in Vermont. Trout fishing is becoming a morning game. I am not saying you can not catch in afternoon and evenings now.....but I am convinced the morning hours are much more consistant for successful guiding trips.

I have begun guiding lake trips. Bass, Bass, ones and brown ones...the bass fishing has been excellent unless we get a north wind....on a weird note....for some reason unknown to me, we have been catching a bunch of channel catfish....they do pull very hard. I LOVE MY NEW MOTOR!!!!!!!!!!

Please stay tuned....the Mettawee should be hot soon, my guess is little green stoneflies will be hatching any day now...tan caddis is still the go to fly on the Battenkill....

Thursday, June 17, 2010

We did very well last night!!!!!!!!

This simple no hackle caddis emerger was DEADLY last night. We had a front come through during the day and after our shore meal there was a strong chance of rain. No worries...the fish want and need to eat. So we fed them this caddis upstream as a dryfly. The fish were on a major chew all day yesterday. The fishing or should I say "catching" was ON.

Friday, June 11, 2010

This weekend in the Battenkill region of Southern Vermont

With the rain we got our water levels are at normal June levels. Fishing will be good morning, noon and in the evening. I wish it were June or October year around. So here is a fly list of what you should be throwing:

Nymphs: bead heads dk. tan 10, 12, 14, march browns 12, 14, light cahill wet, kashner caddis pupa, caddis emergers, black ant wets 12, 14, queeche brown nymphs 14, 16

Streamers: bh olive woolly buggers 12, shushan postmasters, thunder creek dace, bh muddlers

Dry flies: Caddis 14, 16 tan, rusty spinners 14, 16, sulfur usual/compradun 14, 16, ausable wulff 14, 16,

Tomorrow, June 12th is a free fishing licence is needed....and it is the opening day of Bass fishing.

The fishing is very good on the Battenkill, Mettawee, Walloomsac, Otter Creek and Hoosic Rivers. Go fishing!!!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

We got rain!!!! Lets go fishing

On the right side panel about 3/4 the way down....below the first half of photos are links to USGS water gauging sites. Below is today's graphics on the Walloomsac.....I use this information every morning before I leave on a guide trip. The triangles show a 65 year average so you can tell if the levels are higher or lower than normal for today's date. helps me make an educated decision on where to go!!! Thank you all for the Rain Dances...

Friday, June 4, 2010

The Battenkill Region is in low water mode

WE NEED RAIN!!!!!!!!!! Southern Vermont Trout rivers and streams look like they are at low tide stage. We all need to think rain, and do our best rain dance.... I have been successful catching still because it is still June BUT....but I am concerned. We are still 2 weeks ahead of our season and I have seen 70+ degree water temps in the heat of the day. With the hot weather
it has been more of a morning fish like July/August. So when no body is looking a little rain dance....