Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Vermont Hendrickson Hatch

I saw a bunch of Hendrickson hatching on the Branch of the in Southern Vermont. I was guiding a pair of total beginners so it was an instructional half day I did not spend any time looking for rises. The weather finally broke yesterday....I actually got a touch of a sunburn on my arms and neck....Today is looking to also be extremely nice so it has finally begun....Lets go Trout fly fishing in Southern Vermont!

Monday, April 18, 2011

April fishing in Vermont

Alot of the larger rivers (main stems) Battenkill, Otter, Black, Walloomsac are HIGH< COLD and are really unfishable right NOW....April in Vermont is a wild ride though....things change quickly....Ice is out on most of MY playground: St. Catherine, Bomo, Champlain, Dunmore are all fishable....Mountain ponds like Colton or Kent still have ice....Next week the Trophy area of East Creek will get stocked....I am guessing but the Danby section of Otter should get hit too....
Bug wise the upper kill is getting Blue quills, Black midges, and Black Caddis in the afternoons when its warm and the sun is out.....Below was a little fish on Lake St. Catherine for Brown Trout....and yes I let a few actually eat my fly.....I don't personally do that very often....please stay tuned....a couple weeks ago the blog had 10,000 hits....THANK YOU FOR FOLLOWING!!!!!

Spring in Vermont

There is NO FREE LUNCH in a Brook Trout's world

A wild Brook Trout are AWESOME!!!

Cold and clean mountain brooks in Vermont are loaded with wild Brook Trout

A nice little Brook Trout pool in my backyard on Endless Brook

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Vermont Trout Season opens April 9, 2011.

Trout season here in vermont opens this weekend!!!! In 2 1/2 days....I have gear, tackle, flies, waders and rods in various stages of preparation all over my house...Lake St. Catherine and many of the lakes still have some of my IDIOT buddy's is still icefishing....not in this camp....Saturday morning, I will be sticking wild Rainbow Trout with little black stones on a trib of the Mettawee, then I am going to catch some Brookies on the west branch of the week the weather guy is talking mid 50s -low 60s.....there will be a black midge and blue quill hatch within about a week....Looking ahead, East Creek will be the place to be on April 26th....please stay tuned and as always....EAT, SLEEP and FISH!!!!!!!