Sunday, April 22, 2012

Vermont Trophy Trout Fishing

This week East Creek and Otter Creek are scheduled to be stocked with trophy trout. (14 to 22"). Each of these rivers can fish well into the end of June. My Vermont Fly Fishing Guide Service will be touring these rivers throughout this period. The best fly pattern on Otter the last couple years are a size 6 BH White flashy fly. We catch most of our fish on Otter Creek stripping streamers. Otter Creek gets stocked with Rainbows and Brown Trout and has a nice mix of WILD BROOK TROUT. East Creek is normally a nymphing game. Having alot of riffles, East Creek has been a great target over the last five years. Just like in the Black River.....Rainbows like breakfast all day so feed them glo bug eggs.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Vermont Brook Trout Fishing

This is a concrete culvert bridge tube and this tiny pool is LOADED with wild trout!
This little pool has all three species of Trout. Today, we only caught Brook and Brown Trout.
West Branch in Manchester is a great Brook Trout stream and fishes very well in early season and during high water
My girl friend "Tina" with her very first Brook Trout. Normally, I take her in the boat for warm water species.
If you like fiddleheads you better pick some this weekend or you'll miss them!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Vermont Opening Day

The Vermont opening day was interesting...the water is low and clear for early April. I saw some of the following insects hatching: hendricksons, early black stones, blue quills and a few yellow sallies. I turned over some rocks on the Mettawee and found plenty of clinger nymphs, caddis cases and larva....but honestly T.S. Irene sure played HELL on a bunch of places....Flower Brook really got beat-up....there are trout and plenty of places for them to live but it is pretty un-FLY-fishable... the mid and upper Mettawee are changed BUT fine...the lower river on the wee is all together different...NO WORRIES....I'm on it and bottom line I have alot of walking to do....any of you fiddlehead pickers it looks like it maybe a challenging year but start looking. Leeks/ ramps are about halfway prime how I like them for soup. I did fish some on a little trib feeding the wee in of my first day spots that I have taken my kids to for years and years....I love the spot, sight fished about a dozen healthy wild trout and called it a day...thanks for the view....Otter Creek in Danby should be happening next week...please stay tuned.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Vermont Trout Season

Vermont Trout season is 3 days away....THREE DAYS....I am not booked, so my plan is to run and gun.... hit a ton of spots and start re-learning the 175 miles of trout water, I guide on....every year this is on the "TO DO LIST" and must be done year after year...however this year the T.S. Irene aftermath will surely add to the learning worries, it'll be fun fishing old spots that look new and different. After seeing and hearing about good Hendrickson hatches on the NY Mettawee I do not have as big of a fear about absence of bugs...thanks for the view and please stay tuned!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hendrickson Hatch on the New York Mettawee

I have had a couple solid reports of a decent Hendrickson hatch occurring on the Mettawee in Granville, NY. I do not Trout fish or guide in New York anymore, but all the same this is GREAT puts my question of how the aquatic insects survived TS Irene to rest...there were reports last fall from a Bennington High School study that indicated there may be a problem with mayflies nymphs after the storm....I am sure we haven't seen the complete affects from Irene, but this hatch showing up heavy and early is a great sign of hope! Thanks for the view and if you would like some target information for the NY Mettawee please email me at: These New York Hendricksons are a Light Hendrickson which are pink....more on the differences between light and dark Hendricksons on the next post...Please stay tuned and remember its 9 days till Vermont Trout Fishing!