Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Vermont Opening Day

The Vermont opening day was interesting...the water is low and clear for early April. I saw some of the following insects hatching: hendricksons, early black stones, blue quills and a few yellow sallies. I turned over some rocks on the Mettawee and found plenty of clinger nymphs, caddis cases and larva....but honestly T.S. Irene sure played HELL on a bunch of places....Flower Brook really got beat-up....there are trout and plenty of places for them to live but it is pretty un-FLY-fishable... the mid and upper Mettawee are changed BUT fine...the lower river on the wee is all together different...NO WORRIES....I'm on it and bottom line I have alot of walking to do....any of you fiddlehead pickers it looks like it maybe a challenging year but start looking. Leeks/ ramps are about halfway prime how I like them for soup. I did fish some on a little trib feeding the wee in Dorset...one of my first day spots that I have taken my kids to for years and years....I love the spot, sight fished about a dozen healthy wild trout and called it a day...thanks for the view....Otter Creek in Danby should be happening next week...please stay tuned.