Thursday, December 30, 2010

Vermont Ice Fishing has started

The icefishing season has begun!!! Please check out my other blog for updates and dwetails:

Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's winter

It's cold and there is snow....guess it's winter but not ice fishing season yet. I have been tying flies commercially, 6/0 Cod teasers for Kittery Trading Post and a small retail order of wool head Zoo Cougars Streamers. Zoo Cougars are a pretty cool streamer than imitates a always customer orders are welcome!! This guy is heading to Chile next month. Next month I will be ice fishing can keep up with those adventures on

Friday, November 26, 2010

Deer Hunting tonight

I had a skipper doe just about step on me tonight. I watched her all the way down a small ridge that ended about 4 steps away....I was starting to think I'd have to poke her with my rifle 4 steps away I winked at her....OMG that deer came could have heard me laughing all the way to endless brook road...

Felt wader ban in Vermont

So its official...I've seen it in the fish and game rule book....April 1, 2011 it is illegal to wear felt bottomed waders....fine may be up to $1000.00.....IMO this is BULLSHIT!!! Looking into Korker wading sandals for a quick fix....I rotate 15 pair of waders....replacing them all at one time is out of the question unless a manufacturer helps out.....the current plan is to remove felt and use korker sandals and look for a lawyer who wants to test this in court....this whole bill slipped through the legal process without any (to my knowledge) public input....please stay tuned

Monday, November 8, 2010

We dodged a huge problem in fishing tackle.

On 11/4/10 the EPA denied the petition calling for a ban on the manufacture, use and processing of ANY lead in fishing tackle....this was HUGE!!! Some of you helped in sending emails...THANK YOU!!! We really need to keep a very close watch on our current state and federal lawmakers....this petition would have made sink tip flylines illegal....the link below spells out outcome....WE GOT LUCKY....fishermen currently do not have an NRA type lobby to my knowledge....WATCH THEM CLOSE!!!and please stay tuned

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

I found this cool pumpkin photo online...Its 39 degrees at 10 am.....Brook and Brown Trout are spawning....water levels are good. Woodcock flights are heavy and puppy is pointing very well.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Vermont Trout Season

Vermont regular trout fishing in rivers and streams closes this Sunday October 31st....I will continue to post throughout the winter so please stay tuned.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

New blogs

I have decided to break up all my outdoor activities/passions into specific blogs. Please check them out and I hope you continue to follow them.

As always the home page continues to be

My new bird hunting site:

My new spin fishing site:

Last yrs. ice fishing site:

You can find hyperlinks below in the Chuck Kashner's website block.

Friday, September 24, 2010


Early Fall in Southern Vermont

It is HOT outside today!! I would bet 85 will be a new record high here in Vermont.
Tomorrow is opening day for Grouse hunting....I am still guiding fly fishermen on the Battenkill for Trout. Early in the morning, I have been training the puppy on Quail....He is becoming a nice little bird dog....HE HAS A NOSE!!!! I'm getting good points and he is finding dead week I'll be hunting/training him alot on Grouse/woodcock....Fishing has been good for some and very tough for others....Tricos look to be over....there are some BWOs around and caddis dries in a 16 are still working....size 18 nymphs on the trailer. Yesterday afternoon I had a guy who was having a hard time hooking the hits he was getting swinging we re-ran it with a black nose dace streamer. Third cast....BANG....bigger fish don't miss flies like average fish....after a bunch of coaching and a little tone to let line slip....we landed a beautiful 19 inch male Brown Trout....I switched my other client over to a B-N-Dace for the last minutes of the trip....he caught a 13 inch brown....tomorrow my group will be swinging Black Nose Dace!!! Forecast is for WIND.....there is going to be a ton of leaves in the water....Please stay tuned....foliage trout, woodcock & grouse, puppy updates and late season bass all to come. On a very sad old dog "Tucker" is in very good spirits but is deaf so I guess is now officially retired except to a run here and there.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Quail and dog training

Quail Call back pen was made last week....all parts were 8 Bobwhites yesterday....2 males and 6 the puppy will be on his first real gamebirds....should be a very interesting day! Might let the "OLD DOG" show "THE ROOKIE" a thing or two about this afternoon....Thanks for staying tuned....

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Battenkill Trout Fishing

We have been in low water mode for the last several weeks. The forecast is for rain today and next couple days....and WE NEED IT!!! When low water mode is in affect... the best game in town is the main stem Battenkill in Arlington off of Rte 313. I have to admit I love the Battenkill for better or worst....its a tough river, approach needs to be stealthy, leaders need to be long and drifts have to be perfect.
We have seen improved populations of Trout especially Brook Trout with the NO KILL
regulation. Tricos, BWO, Caddis 16, 18 and Isonychia are currently hatching....My best flies have been: BH nymph 16, 18, Trico/BWO nymph 18 and a Trico Dun Thorax dry...I have openings, the horse show is over finally....Brook Trout are on the chew, lets go fishing!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Mettawee Main stem and upper river

Last week and yesterday I spent time on the Mettawee. The fishing on the Main Stem river from North Rupert to North Pawlet continues to be challenging. Some spots are producing but the Mettawee really needs a good rain and some water. The last several rain storms have missed the Pawlet and Wells area. The upper Mettawee is a different story. Yesterday, we fished off of Peace Street in Dorset, Vt. We saw all three species but only caught Rainbows and Brown Trout. Peace Street is just north of Dorset on Rte. 30. Going north from town its on the right, go up the road until you see a bridge. On the left is a public access parking area for Cutler Memorial Forest. This is a beautiful 80 acres parcel open to hiking, cross-country skiing, FISHING, horseback riding, dog walking and picnicking. Just park, walk down the trail and enjoy.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

2010 FLY FISHING FESTIVAL at the American Museum of fly fishing

On Aug. 14th next Saturday, the American Museum of Fly Fishing ( will be hosting the 2010 FLY FISHING FESTIVAL. Please check out their website for all the activities. I will be one of the exhibitors….and having an opportunity to sell flies within sight of the ORVIS FLAGSHIP STORE……I will have a huge selection of flies available. It has been a couple years since I last set up to sell flies…. and I have INVENTORY. Trico female spinners, all my signature patterns, trolling flies, saltwater flies, bonefish, steelhead, great lakes patterns, HY-Vis wulffs, Yellow adams, tons and tons of trout flies, Lady bug beetles even….I am stocked, Nick (my son) will be helping…..come to the Festival between 10 am to 4pm….I look forward to seeing you…..and bring your fly box!!!
This weekend is also Manchester’s Sidewalk sale weekend…..Orvis will also have a huge sale tent....

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Southern Vermont fly fishing for Trout

Following is the Hot Fly list:
Blue Wing Olives: compra and usuals in a size 16 & 18
Trico spinners and thorax flies
Tan Caddis 16, 18
Yellow Adams Wulff size 16
BH Nymphs 14, 16
Black ants and beetles
Kashner Isonymphs
Kashner Caddis pupa tan 14, 16

Its a morning fish for trout. The Battenkill is my number 1 target. However, we caught a 20" rainbow just above the Betts Bridge on the Mettawee the other day....this fish was HOT>>>>pissed off<<<<frinking nuts....the upper Mettawee in Dorset Hollow is also fishing very Rte 30....Dorset Hollow Rd is next to the Barrow's House Inn...We did a large Brown on the "Kill" also on a size 16 Bead Head.....get up early and go fishing!!!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Vermont Fishing Trips guide service also offers spin fishing trips for Northern Pike, Largemouth & Smallmouth Bass, and Panfish. Bass season is open in Vermont and the fishing is EXCELLENT. I supply all equipment so you purist fly guys can come over to the dark side without a purchase order....Tubes, jigs, stick baits, soft plastics, crankbait and jerk bait are all producing very well....Take a kid fishing!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Lake Fishing Photos

These photos are from a Grandfather / Grandson trip I had last week....we caught them well and the catch included: a bunch of Bluegills, Pumpkinseeds, Yellow Perch, a ton of White Perch, a Crappie, a bunch of Largemouth Bass, a couple Smallmouth Bass and a really rare Medium-mouth Bass.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Fly fishing for Bass

I guess the Bass and White Perch read my other post.....cause they made a big liar out of me this surface action started at 6:10 and ended about 7:30 am....during that window of time.....IT WAS RIPPING!!!!!! It looked like a mini- saltwater blitz.....lets go fishing!!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Our afternoons have been extremely warm....there is no chance of catching me in waders this week!!! It is all wet wading and morning fishing. When I am personal fishing for Bass the boat is in the water at 4:30 am.....most clients want to meet at 6am we will catch them but you will miss the surface bite most days.

Trout fishing is good in the am too! Please leave the Trout alone in the afternoon unless you are on a mountain brook. Morning bugs include: BWO, tan caddis 16, and midges....but do not forget beetles and black ants....Japanese beetle are now present.....I even have them in my garden....
This is the time of the year to fish mountain brooks with the 6 foot 2weight!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Southern Vermont Fishing

Summer is here in Vermont. Trout fishing is becoming a morning game. I am not saying you can not catch in afternoon and evenings now.....but I am convinced the morning hours are much more consistant for successful guiding trips.

I have begun guiding lake trips. Bass, Bass, ones and brown ones...the bass fishing has been excellent unless we get a north wind....on a weird note....for some reason unknown to me, we have been catching a bunch of channel catfish....they do pull very hard. I LOVE MY NEW MOTOR!!!!!!!!!!

Please stay tuned....the Mettawee should be hot soon, my guess is little green stoneflies will be hatching any day now...tan caddis is still the go to fly on the Battenkill....

Thursday, June 17, 2010

We did very well last night!!!!!!!!

This simple no hackle caddis emerger was DEADLY last night. We had a front come through during the day and after our shore meal there was a strong chance of rain. No worries...the fish want and need to eat. So we fed them this caddis upstream as a dryfly. The fish were on a major chew all day yesterday. The fishing or should I say "catching" was ON.

Friday, June 11, 2010

This weekend in the Battenkill region of Southern Vermont

With the rain we got our water levels are at normal June levels. Fishing will be good morning, noon and in the evening. I wish it were June or October year around. So here is a fly list of what you should be throwing:

Nymphs: bead heads dk. tan 10, 12, 14, march browns 12, 14, light cahill wet, kashner caddis pupa, caddis emergers, black ant wets 12, 14, queeche brown nymphs 14, 16

Streamers: bh olive woolly buggers 12, shushan postmasters, thunder creek dace, bh muddlers

Dry flies: Caddis 14, 16 tan, rusty spinners 14, 16, sulfur usual/compradun 14, 16, ausable wulff 14, 16,

Tomorrow, June 12th is a free fishing licence is needed....and it is the opening day of Bass fishing.

The fishing is very good on the Battenkill, Mettawee, Walloomsac, Otter Creek and Hoosic Rivers. Go fishing!!!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

We got rain!!!! Lets go fishing

On the right side panel about 3/4 the way down....below the first half of photos are links to USGS water gauging sites. Below is today's graphics on the Walloomsac.....I use this information every morning before I leave on a guide trip. The triangles show a 65 year average so you can tell if the levels are higher or lower than normal for today's date. helps me make an educated decision on where to go!!! Thank you all for the Rain Dances...

Friday, June 4, 2010

The Battenkill Region is in low water mode

WE NEED RAIN!!!!!!!!!! Southern Vermont Trout rivers and streams look like they are at low tide stage. We all need to think rain, and do our best rain dance.... I have been successful catching still because it is still June BUT....but I am concerned. We are still 2 weeks ahead of our season and I have seen 70+ degree water temps in the heat of the day. With the hot weather
it has been more of a morning fish like July/August. So when no body is looking a little rain dance....

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Vermont Fly fishing for Trout

The Fly fishing for Trout in Vermont is EXCELLENT!!!! All streams and rivers are producing very well both for wild and hatchery fish. Hendricksons are about over but caddis hatches are very quill spinner falls at dark/evening and a mix of March browns and blue quills.
I hear reports of great Smallmouth, Walleye and LL Salmon action but its the time I focus all guiding on TROUT. Black, Otter, East, Walloomsac and Hoosic are all stocked and are HOT....This Wednesday pink eggs will hammer them on the Black....Battenkill, Mettawee and Flower are also fishing well for wild fish....CADDIS....they are currently the main course.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It is time to dig Leeks for soup

From now until the end of May the leeks are perfect size for soup and they are easy to in Vermont leeks are growing wild all over the place.

Vermont Fly Fishing Guide Service

This last week the fishing was TOUGH on East Creek and on the weekend it was really crowded on the Black river in Ludlow, Vt. The fly fishing for Trout on the Otter Creek and Walloomsac was excellent. For the most part it was a strike indicator/ bead head nymph deal. Tomorrow and Thursday, I will be back to guiding on the Black River. This coming weekend I have openings!!!
Want to go flyfishing in Vermont for trout......give the Vermont Fly Fishing Guide a call.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Current Ad in Outdoors and Livin' Magazines

If you found my blog from this ad....WELCOME....I offer an instructional flyfishing guide service. On the water instruction is my specialty. Total beginner, no problem, we will start with about an hour casting instructional. I have found that within an hour your casting is good enough to get after some Trout. If you know how to cast but are not really catching.....we'll work on reading the water and presentation. Or if you are very experienced, we can challenge the Battenkill's wariest wild trout. Having guided fishermen in Southern Vermont for over 18 years....I have a target for all abilities and every condition.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Morel Mushrooms are YUMMY!!!!

I am NO expert on wild mushrooms or finding Morels...but I can tell you I love eating them. They are up and we are keeping an eye out for them. Below is what they look like and the stems are hollow. These little jewels are very hard to find and are among the most guarded secrets of outdoors people...I have found some and a really good buddy found some too....thats all we're sharing.

Fly fishing for Trout in Southern Vermont

Boy, today was one of those days....I was really, really glad....I didn't have to fish!!! It was raining and hard at some points and my outside thermometer never went much above 50....Rotten weather!!! But this week I was fishing and guiding. I myself caught a bunch of Smallies and a keeper Walley. Looks like the trophy sections of Otter Creek and East Creek are done till the state refreshes them. The Black River is fishing OK and I will be on it hard after this coming tuesday. Otter Creek out of the trophy area north of Danby has been fishing very well and has saved my bacon a bunch of times. Hendrickson are peaking and morels are up.....we picked a handful the other day and the hunt is on. Looking forward to spending 2 or 3 weeks on the Black River. My little backyard brook= Endless Brook has been getting a huge red quill spinner fall after dinner. Top pair of guessed it I bet....a size 10 BH 5/32 on the dropper and a size 12 BH 1/8 on the trailer with an indicator set 4 to 5 feet above it.... Catch and release Trout and pick Morels!!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010


Otter Creek has some BIG Brown Trout this year....By far the biggest Brown Trout, I have seen the fisheries dept. produce. Many of the Browns stocked in Otter yesterday were 20" and several looked more like 22-23"....Too say the least, Otter Creek was the place to be yesterday!!! I actually fished yesterday and hammered them on a new Kashner creation...a copper snap crackle....All our snow here in Poultney/Pawlet is gone.....sun is out....its going to be another awesome day in southern Vermont.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Vermont Trout Fishing

We needed some rain not wet snow...forecast for here in the Mettawee valley up to 3", at the Black River maybe 6" and up north 6-10".....this weekend forecast is for mid 60's.....this will slow things down a little....but thats a good thing. We need it to slow down. Good News>>> East Creek got 500 BIG RAINBOWS today. Also, I am guessing Otter Creek will get a bunch on this thursday....Black Rivers first bunch will arrive on May 4th. Think Big Trout!!!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Battenkill region of Southern Vermont

We need some rain!!!! The water is low for this time of the year. I have seen some Hendricksons, Blue Quill and Black midge & caddis are still heavy in the afternoon. I picked a huge bag of fiddleheads on Friday....we are about 2-3 weeks ahead of our normal schedule. This week trophy areas on East Creek and Otter Creek will be getting week the Black River gets its first load of fish. Colton Pond is producing big brookies up to 16" and have heard reports that the Bass fishing is improving daily. This time of the year I am totally focused on fishing for Trout. This weekend was youth turkey hunting weekend.....they had great weather and the birds are REALLY TALKING. The puppy "Jake" saw his first couple Woodcock on Friday while I was out and about. This is an awesome time to be outdoors here in Vermont.....I have a couple VERY PRIME weekend dates still open....Call me.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A week from today

The fishing is going to be EXCELLENT on East Creek in Rutland Vt. If by chance, I do not pick up a trip....(yes I have a bunch of open dates) I will be fishing East creek myself next Wednesday.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Vermont Trout Fishing Hatches

Currently we are seeing Black Midge and Blue Quills on the upper Battenkill. Early Black Stones
on the tribs of the Mettawee and Brook Trout are rising on sunny afternoons. Any day now we will start to see Hendricksons.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Vermont Wild Brookies

Vermont wild Brook Trout are not usually very big. They live in tiny little brooks and usually have a very hard time making a living. High water, low water, ice in the winter, Kingfishers, Herons, Minks, Coons and Brown Trout bring high morality rates to these beautiful trout. It is extremely rare for a wild Brook Trout in modern times to live over 4 years. A Brookie over 12" is a trophy by most peoples standards. will never find a prettier Trout!!! Here in Vermont we love our Brook Trout. They are a barometer of healthy ecosystem because of being intolerant to high water temps and pollution. I love Brookies and right now the Brook Trout fishing in southern Vermont is excellent. Click on photos to enlarge

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Friday, April 9, 2010


Trout season in Vermont opens tomorrow!!!!!!! April 10, 2010 Lets go fishing....

Thursday, April 8, 2010

DRYFLIES part 4 of 4

Here is what Chuck Kashner carries for Dryflies from now until the end of May....In the beginning of June there is a switch to summer flies. Following are the dryflies i carry in two fly boxes:
Blue quill usual/ thorax 16, 18
Blue Dun Wulff 16
Black Caddis 16, 18
Kashner Black Adult Midge 16, 18, 20 (this is a killer fished in the film behind a dry)
Hendrickson (olive tone) catskill 14,
Hendrickson compra/ usual 14
Rusty Spinners 12 to 18
Rusty Compra/ usual 12, 14, 16
Adams 14, 16, 18
Ausable Wulff 12, 14
Kashner Caddis Emerger tan 14, 16
Hair Caddis tan 12, 14, 16
Hair Caddis Cream 12, 14
Lt. Cahill 12, 14, 16
Sulfur Compra/ usual 12, 14, 16
March Brown or Gray Fox 12, 14

These are the flies Chuck Kashner has in his vest or in the truck to guide fishermen on the: Battenkill, Mettawee, Otter Creek, East Creek, Walloomsac, Hoosic, Black river and all their tributaries in Southern Vermont.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Streamer box

To fly fish in the Battenkill region of southern Vermont, sometimes you need to throw streamers. Following are the streamers Chuck Kashner carries to guide fly fisherman in Manchester, Vt.

Box in my vest
Black Woolly Buggers 4 to 10
Olive Woolly Buggers 6 to 12
Clousers sz 4, 6 in olive, sand and black
Shushan Postmasters 6, 8, 10
BH Muddlers 6, 8, 10
Flashy flies natural brown / gold or copper
Flashy flies white / silver
Thunder Creek Black nose dace

Box in the truck
Gray Ghost 4, 6, 8
Maribou Black Ghost 4, 6, 8, 10
Edson tiger light and dark 4, 6
Barnes special 6, 8
Winnie smelt 4 to 8
Black nose dace bucktail 4 to 8
Clouser minnow chartreuse / white sz 4
Magog smelt 4, 6
Golden Demon 8, 10
"88" 8, 10

Friday, April 2, 2010


I have three nymph boxes which depend on target and conditions. Some of these patterns will be switched for others around end of May. Work horse patterns are in my chest box and are all season flies. Call me if you need some Kashner flies. Here are the fly patterns for Vermont and most of New England trout fishing:

Work Horse Box:
Kashner hide a bead tungsten nymph (Red Squirrel) 8, 10, 12, 14, 16
Kashner Brass BH nymph 10, 12, 14
Hares Ear med brown 12, 14, 16
Pheasant tail nymph 14, 16
Hares ear black nymph 8, 10, 12
BH Black Nymph 10, 12
Hendrickson nymph 12, March Brown Nymph 12, Isonymph 12
Copper John 10, 12, 14

GLO BUG / EGG BOX (Rainbows like breakfast in the spring)
All eggs are in small and medium sizes in following colors: McCheese / Oregon Cheese, Cherise Pink, Iliamnia Pink, Hot Flame Orange, Chartreuse / Moss, Steelhead Orange, Blood red

Trophy run hatchery fish box for: Black, Deerfield, Housie and East Creek
Big Soft Hackles tan, med. brown and peacock 6, 8, 10
Red Ass 6, 8
"88", Golden Demon, hornberg
Zug bug / Prince 8, 10, 12
Montana Nymph 8, 10
Sparrow Soft Hackle tan, insect green or peacock 6, 8, 10
San Juan (earth worm) pink, red, white and black

GOT FLIES???? NEED FLIES???? CALL 1 800 682 0103... MC/Visa #....they will be in your box in a couple days!!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

A well stocked vest part 1 of 4

This is the time of the year most guys are getting their gear this posting will be a series of 4 parts and will be in a list form. Part 1 gadgets, tippets floatants, indicators....
i will be going through my vest with you. Part 2 Nymph/ wetfly boxes, Part 3 Dryfly boxes and part 4 Streamers. Stay tuned and tell your buddies.

Chuck Kashner's vest he uses to guide fly fishing in the Manchester, Vt. area:

*Fishpond Sagebrush Mesh Vest
*water bottle, bug dope, TP in ziplock, bandaids & waterprof medical tape in ziplock
*nipper on a zinger, forceps attached to a pocket, a pair of scissors in pocket(modify flies)
*white moutain black fly dope, dry&float powder, floatant grease
*tippet material: .019 (butt sections), 0X, 2X, 4X, 5X, 6X
*split shot, strike indicators: palsa stick ons (green, orange), thingamabobbers, poly-pro yarn in film'll have to book a trip and I'll show you the yarn trick.
*Leader wallet with: 71/2' 0x, 71/2' 2X, 9' 4x, 12' 5X, 16' 6X I build knotted leaders there is an old post with my primary formula.

Later this week we'll look at my nymph boxes...please stay tuned

Friday, March 26, 2010

Southern Vermont Hatches

Most insects including aquatic insects have a 1 year life span. They hatch within days at the same time year after year. So as fly fishermen we can be prepared for major hatches far in advance.
Below are the major hatches found in Southern Vermont:

APRIL: Blue Quills, Black Midges, Black Stones, Black Caddis, Hendricksons
MAY: Red Quills, Blue Quills, Tan & Olive Caddis, March Browns, Sulfurs
JUNE: Gray Fox, Sulfurs/Cahills, Tan Caddis, Olive Caddis, Rusty Spinners
JULY: Yellow Drakes, BWO, Dun Caddis, Hex (on lakes), terrestrials
AUGUST: Tricos, Blue wing olives 16 to 22 (4 different species), Evening Duns
SEPTEMBER: Tricos, Fall Caddis, Flying Ants, Isonychia, Tan Caddis
OCTOBER: Fall Caddis, BWO, Olive Midges and Woodcock hunting is good too.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Click on photo to enlarge.....

Spring run off 2010

Here in Vermont we are having an early spring. Currently, in the Mettawee valley, the snow is gone and ice is off the lakes. This is the first year in many that I put the boat in the water in March. For the most part I am scouting and GPS-ing ice fishing targets for next winter. Fly tying is in high gear and has been a overtime job all winter. April brook trout fishing should be awesome this year. When we have early springs like this....the Hendrickson hatch on the branches is excellent. I am beginning to get a little concerned with some of you regular clients.....I have a bunch of PRIME May dates still me.

For the search engine evil monsters

Vermont flyfishing blog is about: vermont fly fishing for trout, bass, pike, and panfish in southern Vermont.Battenkill, Mettawee, Mettowee, Walloomsac, Black river, White River, Otter Creek, East Creek, Lake St. Catherine, Bomoseen, Lake Champlain, Burr Pond, Glen Lake, Hortonia, and Gale Meadows pond.

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Chuck Kashner Vermont Fly fishing guide service meets guests in southern Vermont in the towns: Manchester, Bennington, Rutland, Pawlet and Ludlow. Fishing for Brook Trout, Brown Trout, and Rainbow Trout, Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike. offers fly fishing instruction for Vermont Nymph fishing, Dryfly fishing, instruction in fly casting in Manchester, Vt.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Trout season in Vermont starts April 10, 2010

The Black River in Ludlow is a client favorite. These are last week in April through first week in June. Prime weekend dates are limited, so give my a call today 1 800-682-0103 or email me at

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


As a fisherman living in fish through the ice this time of the year. I am very active on my other blog.

Friday, January 1, 2010


On the fly fishing front....its all about tying flies here in Vermont. The bulk of my tying currently is tying tandem trolling flies for Kittery trading post. Spent time on the ice yesterday. That report is on