Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Vermont Hot Fly List

These are the patterns you need for fly fishing in southern Vermont. tungsten bead head hares ear sz.10, 12, 14.. hendrickson nymph unweighted sz. 12.. pheasant tail sz. 14, 16.. black hares ear (if water is dirty).. Shushan postmaster streamer.. thunder creek dace.. cone head flashy muddler.. blue quill usual dry sz.16.. hendrickson usual dry sz. 12, 14.. ausable wulff.. kashner black midge sz.18.. black stone or caddis sz 16.. McEggs in pink, spawn and mellow.. I like a 9 foot leader with a 4x tippet. Best times to fish are 10am to 4pm.
The Hendrickson hatch started but with the cold snap is on hold...look for bugs in the afternoon

Vermont fly fishing for trophy Trout

This week East Creek and Otter Creek were stocked with trophy trout(14 to 22"). Each of these rivers can fish well into the end of June. My Vermont Fly Fishing Guide Service will be touring these rivers throughout this period. The best fly pattern on Otter the last couple years are a size 6 BH White flashy fly. We catch most of our fish on Otter Creek stripping streamers. Otter Creek gets stocked with Rainbows and Brown Trout and has a nice mix of WILD BROOK TROUT. East Creek is normally a nymphing game. Having alot of riffles, East Creek has been a great target over the last five years. Just like in the Black River.....Rainbows like breakfast all day so feed them glo bug eggs.