Sunday, May 23, 2010

Vermont Fly fishing for Trout

The Fly fishing for Trout in Vermont is EXCELLENT!!!! All streams and rivers are producing very well both for wild and hatchery fish. Hendricksons are about over but caddis hatches are very quill spinner falls at dark/evening and a mix of March browns and blue quills.
I hear reports of great Smallmouth, Walleye and LL Salmon action but its the time I focus all guiding on TROUT. Black, Otter, East, Walloomsac and Hoosic are all stocked and are HOT....This Wednesday pink eggs will hammer them on the Black....Battenkill, Mettawee and Flower are also fishing well for wild fish....CADDIS....they are currently the main course.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It is time to dig Leeks for soup

From now until the end of May the leeks are perfect size for soup and they are easy to in Vermont leeks are growing wild all over the place.

Vermont Fly Fishing Guide Service

This last week the fishing was TOUGH on East Creek and on the weekend it was really crowded on the Black river in Ludlow, Vt. The fly fishing for Trout on the Otter Creek and Walloomsac was excellent. For the most part it was a strike indicator/ bead head nymph deal. Tomorrow and Thursday, I will be back to guiding on the Black River. This coming weekend I have openings!!!
Want to go flyfishing in Vermont for trout......give the Vermont Fly Fishing Guide a call.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Current Ad in Outdoors and Livin' Magazines

If you found my blog from this ad....WELCOME....I offer an instructional flyfishing guide service. On the water instruction is my specialty. Total beginner, no problem, we will start with about an hour casting instructional. I have found that within an hour your casting is good enough to get after some Trout. If you know how to cast but are not really catching.....we'll work on reading the water and presentation. Or if you are very experienced, we can challenge the Battenkill's wariest wild trout. Having guided fishermen in Southern Vermont for over 18 years....I have a target for all abilities and every condition.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Morel Mushrooms are YUMMY!!!!

I am NO expert on wild mushrooms or finding Morels...but I can tell you I love eating them. They are up and we are keeping an eye out for them. Below is what they look like and the stems are hollow. These little jewels are very hard to find and are among the most guarded secrets of outdoors people...I have found some and a really good buddy found some too....thats all we're sharing.

Fly fishing for Trout in Southern Vermont

Boy, today was one of those days....I was really, really glad....I didn't have to fish!!! It was raining and hard at some points and my outside thermometer never went much above 50....Rotten weather!!! But this week I was fishing and guiding. I myself caught a bunch of Smallies and a keeper Walley. Looks like the trophy sections of Otter Creek and East Creek are done till the state refreshes them. The Black River is fishing OK and I will be on it hard after this coming tuesday. Otter Creek out of the trophy area north of Danby has been fishing very well and has saved my bacon a bunch of times. Hendrickson are peaking and morels are up.....we picked a handful the other day and the hunt is on. Looking forward to spending 2 or 3 weeks on the Black River. My little backyard brook= Endless Brook has been getting a huge red quill spinner fall after dinner. Top pair of guessed it I bet....a size 10 BH 5/32 on the dropper and a size 12 BH 1/8 on the trailer with an indicator set 4 to 5 feet above it.... Catch and release Trout and pick Morels!!!