Friday, May 4, 2018


Chuck carries three nymph boxes which depend on target and conditions. Some of these patterns will be switched for others around end of May. Work horse patterns are in his chest box and are all season flies. Call Chuck if you need some Kashner flies. Here are the fly patterns for Vermont and most of New England trout fishing: Work Horse Box: Kashner hide a bead tungsten nymph (Red Squirrel) 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 Kashner Brass BH nymph 10, 12, 14 Hares Ear med brown 12, 14, 16 Pheasant tail nymph 14, 16 Hares ear black nymph 8, 10, 12 BH Black Nymph 10, 12 Hendrickson nymph 12, March Brown Nymph 12, Isonymph 12 Copper John 12 GLO BUG / EGG BOX (Rainbows like breakfast in the spring) All eggs are in small and medium sizes in following colors: McCheese / Oregon Cheese, Cherise Pink, Iliamnia Pink, Hot Flame Orange,Steelhead Orange Trophy run hatchery fish box for:Walloomsac, Black and East Creek Big Soft Hackles med. brown and peacock 6, 8, 10 Red Ass 6, 8 San Juan worms and mop flies Zug bug / Prince 8, 10, 12 Sparrow Soft Hackle tan or insect green 6,8 GOT FLIES???? NEED FLIES???? CALL 1 800 682 0103... MC/Visa #....they will be in your box in a couple days!!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Southern Vermont Hatches

Most insects including aquatic insects have a 1 year life span. They hatch within days at the same time year after year. So as fly fishermen we can be prepared for major hatches far in advance. Below are the major hatches found in Southern Vermont: APRIL: Blue Quills, Black Midges, Black Stones, Black Caddis, Hendricksons MAY: Red Quills, Blue Quills, Tan & Olive Caddis, March Browns, Sulfurs JUNE: Gray Fox, Sulfurs/Cahills, Tan Caddis, Olive Caddis, Rusty Spinners JULY: Yellow Drakes, BWO, Dun Caddis, Hex (on lakes), terrestrials AUGUST: Tricos, Blue wing olives 16 to 22 (4 different species), Evening Duns SEPTEMBER: Tricos, Fall Caddis, Flying Ants, Isonychia, Tan Caddis OCTOBER: Fall Caddis, BWO, Olive Midges and Woodcock hunting is good too.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Fishing near Manchester Vermont

I am tying flies and running ice fishing trips! New toys are arriving daily as well as tying material. A major part of off season is booking trips and getting the right people into the right dates. With that in mind, I'll nut shell to you the basic seasonal plan: Jan to March: Ice fishing for Northern Pike and Bass on Lake St. Catherine and stocking your fly box with custom orders. On the right tool bar down near the bottom is a redirect to my Ice Fishing site.
April: Trout season opens the second Saturday in April. Small water for wild Brook Trout is the target. Primary method nymphing but there are afternoon hatches. I like to book afternoon half day trips. The upper Battenkill fishes very well!
May: Vermont Trophy Trout Program is in high gear. Target areas are East Creek in Rutland, Walloomsac River in Bennington and Otter Creek in Danby. These are very popular trips, prime dates are limited....these are really nice fish averaging from 13 to 24 inches.
June: What a GREAT month! Everything is fishing but the top choice are: the Walloomsac, Otter Creek and the Battenkill. I like to run either three quarter or full day trips.
July and August: Trout fishing is a morning affair. Targets are the Walloomsac, Battenkill and Mettawee. I also start running mountain brook trips
September: Is the time to fish the BATTENKILL...she is not for everyone but she is a gorgeous river.
October: BIRD HUNTING for Woodcock and Ruffed Grouse and Trout fishing
November: Weather pending year around trout fishing targets : East Creek, Otter Creek and Walloomsac Rivers Thanks for the view, please call me to book a trip. The 2018 booking season has begun, don't be left out!

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Master "go to guide flies" Selection

For 25 seasons Chuck Kashner has instructed a system fly fishing plan. The 4 components to be successful are: Target (where and what are you fishing for), Approach (how to get in the proper position to catch),Imitation (what fly to use) and Presentation (how to get the right drift and get the fish to eat your fly)....this system or mind set will work for all species... every season... year after year. These are the flies that are always in Chuck's chest box!
From top to bottom: Row 1: Hide a bead nymphs.. sz 10 with a 4mm brass 12 with 3.2mm brass bead Row 2: Meatballs.. these are super heavy sporting tungsten beads and lead wire looks like a caddis Row 3: WMD (weapon mass destruction)...super heavy tungsten and lead wire looks like a mayfly nymph Row 4: Hatching pupa, Hendrickson and March Brown nymph unweighted and are killer trailer flies Row 5: Kashner Caddis Pupa and Black Ants...these are deadly fished in the surface film behind a dryfly Row 6: Glo bug eggs...early spring and fall...trout eat spawn Row 7: Earthworm, Shushan Postmaster, Olive bh Buggers, CH Muddlers and Flashy fly
From top to bottom: Row 1: No hackle caddis dry...this is hands down Chuck's favorite "go to" dryfly! Row 2: High Vis~Flies: Yellow Adams Wulff and Ausable Wulff Row 3: Rusty Usual...deadly fly sits flush and floats extremely well Row 4: Rusty Spinners...this is the top choice for rhythmic risers in the evening Row 5: Cream Usual...deadly fly sits flush and floats extremely well Row 6: Hackled Deerhair Caddis Row 7: Little Green Stone, Adams and Light Cahill
Operators aren't standing by but Chuck Kashner is really easy to reach at 1-800-682-0103 or email Mastercard, Visa or personal checks are accepted. The master "go to guide fly" selection includes 108 flies tied by Chuck Kashner, a super rugged box, postage included for $196.00

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Early Fall Vermont Fly Fishing

Green Mountain Brookies are hungry and fired up in their spawning colors!
6 foot 2 weight rods are perfect!
Most are 6 to 10 inches...they like to eat high vis dries....and they are beautiful!
The males get tri colored bellies and black on the inside of their mouths
The setting is also choice! There are openings! 1-800-682-0103


Beginners are always welcome at Vermont Fishing Trips...first trout on a fly are SPECIAL!

Friday, September 15, 2017

September Fly Fishing in Vermont

"I am lucky enough to have written a few books about travels and flyfishing in the USA, Patagonia, Iceland, Russia and all over Europe. Along the way I have encountered many different types of guide and cast for some pretty big trout. But every year I look forward to my 2 days with Chuck in Vermont. Indeed, no sooner I have I left Manchester than I am arranging next years’ return trip 11 months ahead. Fishing with Chuck cuts to the essentials. No need here for the latest technology, super fast action rod that throws a hyper tight loop dozens of yards for some ego-boosting sized rainbow. No, here he lends me his seven foot two-weight, perfect. A lot of the fish in Patagonia, Montana or Iceland would eat an average Battenkill brookie for breakfast, but who cares? What prettier jewel of a fish could you hope to catch, and they are far from easy. Chuck knows the rivers intimately, and can always find you a good spot come drought or flood. He has all the technical stuff off pat, and enough flies to re-stock Orvis. And above all, and I do a lot of work for fish conservation in Europe, he has the right attitude and is fun to fish with. He even manages to maintain his sense of humour and calm when I finally hook a big Battenkill brown and then lose it. Great stuff! " Adrian Latimer, Paris France/London UK

Monday, July 17, 2017

Son and Father from Philly...GOOD STUFF!

All Rainbows except this one nice Brown...The fishing is really good this summer!
Chuck, Great time Friday. Thanks again. We look forward to being in touch. Patrick Happy Monday Chuck, Agree with Patrick; great time and great experience. After only one time, you are in my top three of the most knowledgeable guides, who took me fishing. I'd like to do it again next year. Best, George

Southern Vermont Fly Fishing

We had "southern" on this trip...representing Gator Nation...Thank you Rob and Jeannie!
along with the pixs was this message: Thanks Chuck. We had a great time. We caught fish. You put us in the perfect place to catch fish. Thanks. if we're in the neighborhood next year we'll give you call for more fish. Rob & Jeannie