Thursday, April 17, 2014

Vermont Fishing Trips on Facebook

If you are on FACEBOOK....please check out my page at you will need to copy and paste it....good old blogger will not let me make it into a hotlink....maybe blogger(google) doesn't like facebook....either way check it out....there is a TON of GREAT Fishing stuff on FACEBOOK...I am a huge fan and am inspired daily on facebook!

First week of 2014 Trout fishing

It is difficult to report conditions this time of the year because of unsettled weather. Monday the high was 75 and then Wednesday we woke up to 2 inches of snow. Lake St. Catherine is ice free as are alot of local ponds now...I heard peeper tree frogs, saw Redwing Black Birds and early Black Stoneflies....all signs of spring
Target areas for trout trips will be small lowland streams and brooks. All tributaries to the Mettawee and Battenkill are good places to start. The Indian River is West Pawlet and Rupert is a early season favorite. Look for streams that do not have steep grade as there are RIPPING with run off....
This little pool is LOADED with Brookies...LOADED!
Taking Brookie selfies is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT! This was the 4th one I caught before I could get a pix....LOVE THOSE BROOKIES!
There is no shortage of woody debris habitat on the upper canoe travel= plenty of in stream wood structure! After such a tough winter we all had....I am finding I am a little behind on bookings. I have a bunch of REALLY PRIME DATES for May trips to the Black River, East Creek and the Walloomsac Trophy Areas....These openings include weekend dates so give me a call at 1 800-682-0103...I will start posting on a regular basis now but there is a ton of information from the past 5 years that all still applies. Also there is a search feature...just type in key words like "hendrickson" or "East Creek" Thanks for the view....Lets go fishing!

No Felt allowed in Vermont

Please remember when coming to Vermont to fish....Felt bottomed waders are illegal
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Friday, April 11, 2014


Trout season opens tomorrow April 12, 2014. After a tough winter, this season is very welcome. Runoff is underway in a nice and steady pace. I plan on going out and about and visiting all my high water spots over the weekend. Forecast has rumors of maybe even hitting mid 60's....IT'S SPRING....LETS GO FISHING!

Friday, March 28, 2014


This is a repost because it is time to stock and tie leaders....hard to believe with the tough winter we have been having but Trout Season opens in 2 weeks! April 12th 2014 game tie some leaders! Chuck Kashner's Leaders Knotted Leaders I use and tie my own knotted leaders. This is not really a cost saving plan. Instead, I believe its a more effective way to manage clients leader issues. I tie a stock leader being a 9' 4X leader. From this I can add 3' of butt section to make a 12' or better leader to fish the Battenkill. Or I can cut the butt back to make a short leader to fish mountain brooks. For lighter tippets...5 or 6X....I cut the 4X tippet on the stock leader and add more or lighter tippet. Here is the leader formula I use: Knotted 9 foot 4X leader: Butt 36" of .019 16" of .017 12" of .015 6" of .013 6" of .011 (0X) 6" of .009 (2X) tippet 26"of .007 (4X) Replacement mono or spools of mono I have in my vest for leader repair or tinkering: .019, 0x, 2X, 3X, lots of 4 &5X, 6X and in August 7X. Best bet if you are going to build some leaders is to buy a leader tie kit. Another advantage to tying some of your own leaders is the practice at knot tying....will help you on the water.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Polypro yarn indicators

While surfing online I ran into a new strike indicator idea from New Zealand...they had a neat little tool, super duper special wool and tubes....IT WAS A GREAT IDEA!!!! But I give away a ton of tackle each season...couple hundred leaders, indicators, flies.....its just not my style at the end of a trip to cut off what I tied on your a fulltime tackle tinker here is what I have come up with....
from Janns netcraft: latex tubing 3/16ID, Polypropylene yarn...Michael's or Joanne's: a size G crochet needle
Make a loop
Pull tubing over mono loop
put poly yarn in loop
push tubing up over yarn
because I know I'll drop this into the river...I wrapped a wire loop on the end to attach to vest. Yarn indicators are great for very heavy flies and have a place in my vest ALWAYS...this system has endless variations for size and color....Thanks for the view and please stay tuned

Thursday, January 9, 2014


A 27 inch rod with 2 lb test line....Ice fishing is FUN!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Building tackle

Sorry for the lack of posts...I have been hardcore building tackle, painting jigs and tying flies....I plan to ice fish this week after this rain freezes on Wednesday. The 2014 regular season fishing book is open to book shortly the icefishing blog will be the focus....for those of you who do facebook, I spend a ton of time there. Thanks for the view, please stay tuned and if you need any flies please be in touch!