Saturday, May 23, 2015

End of May report

It has been crazy busy! Guiding, Tying, Gardening and hunting Morels...Sorry for the delay between posts but after 4 years if you search the archives on the right side tool bars:))))))))))) there is a TON of information on this blog...So here quick is what's happening: Low water conditions in most places, its been very dry and with that the morel hunting SUCKS!....Rivers like the Mettawee are in PERFECT shape and the Phlox are blooming. Bugs I'm seeing: Sulfurs, Caddis, Rusty Spinners, and black midges... Now for some fish porn...some of my regular and FAVORITE clients need to call BassPro and add to their fishing shirt wardrobe:)))))))))))))And they are on SALE right now! Copy and paste into your browser:
Sorry for the cropping but I had too much background in this one and you do know what I mean
In the middle of tying on a fly for this gentleman from California and hit with a selfie...looking over my glasses folks, this middle aged guiding stuff isn't for the weak:))) Thanks for the view and be safe out there!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Beginners are welcome!

Chuck Kashner has been guiding and instructing fly fishing for over 20 years. Beginners are welcome! With beginners the trip starts with a casting lesson which takes about an hour. You will learn the basic cast, false cast, stripping line, setting the hook and develop some muscle memory. Then it is to the river for on the job training. More often then not, Trout will be caught!

Thursday, April 30, 2015


The weather has finally broke! Things are starting to get green and ice is off the lakes and ponds. Peepers are singing, Ramps (leeks) are up....Rivers are really in great shape...hatchery trucks are making deliveries, Black midges, Blue quills, Black caddis, Early Stones and some Hendrickson are hatching...The book still has a bunch of openings, fly orders are out the outboard motor survived the fire but the electric motor does need to be replaced....Life here in southern Vermont is GOOD! Just had the dogs out and a Turkey was gobbling his fool head off...FINALLY...ITS SPRING!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Spring thaw and run off has begun here in Vermont. So far, so good...everything has been nice and steady. One of my favorite regular clients, Bennington Bruce emailed me these pixs from the Walloomsac Trophy Section. Its very fishable and it OPEN for C&R fishing!
There are several targets that are currently open to fish with flies or lures C & R....These rivers include: 1. Walloomsac River from NY/VT line to the Paper Plant Dam on Murphy Road in Bennington 2. Black River Trophy Area between Downers covered bridge up to the Howard Hill metal bridge on Rte 131 Cavendish 3. East Creek Trophy Area in Rutland 4. Otter Creek from Lake Champlain to Forest Rd 10 bridge in Danby If we have a nice day in the 50's there are a whole bunch of targets that would be worthy of hitting. The first bugs to hatch will be Black Midges which the Brook Trout LOVE...and early Black Stones. The traditional opening day when everything goes is the second Saturday in April. (4/11/15) I expect Rainbows to be running out of the Mettawee into feeder tribs to spawn and as always really nice Browns will be harassing them to eat their eggs. Mother nature always takes care of her critters and it is always amazing to me how the seasons always catch mid to late April, Brook Trout will be rising for egg laying clusters of Black Midges. Normally, the midge deal is an afternoon event, in beaver pond type areas. These trips are party of one only, half day trips...April guide trip hours are 12 to 4 pm, the heat of the day...there are a bunch of openings because I always wait to see how runoff will play out. THINK SPRING! I have a flock of Redwing Black Birds in the feeder area...PEEPERS will be next! Thanks for the view and please stay tuned.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Stick worm caddis

Check out this bad ass prototype of a fall caddis (stick worm)...I plan to whack them on the Black River with this! Alot of times over there I use a simple stupid brown chenille fly...but as we hammer them over there and the fish get "jaded" and wise:) I am always trying to show them something different....this fly is tied on a size 4 3X long is HEAVY...I made the dubbing brush using copper wire...this bad bug with get in their faces...I will short line "high stick it" instead of using an indicator...

Hide a Bead Tutorial

As some of you know I nymph fish ALOT. It is very effective and almost always produces action. My go to fly or top dropper fly is normally a hide a bead nymph. The flavors vary from a dark hares ear, a hendrickson, a march brown or a wd40 version....this one pictured is a hendrickson. Hendrickson Nymph Recipe: Tail: woodduck Body/Thorax: a blend of Muskrat with a touch of claret dyed dub Wing case: Canadian Goose Hook / bead: Size 10 w 5/32 bead or size 12 w 1/8 bead Step 1: bead hook, tie on thread, position and secure bead in thorax area
Step 2: Tie on tail
Step 3: tie on gold wire, dub body, rib with wire
Step 5: Tie on wing case, make a dubbing loop for thorax
Step 6: twist dubbing loop...if I'm making a dubbing brush I use a dubbing tool, wire and a board...but with these I loop with thread and spin with hackle pliers
Step 7: builda thorax on both sides of bead
Step 8: fold over wing case, tie and trim
Step 9: whip finish and head cement...I like Sally Hansen "Hard as Nails"
Fast, easy, durable and whacks them in April and May:) It is top of the list "go to guide flies"
Thanks for the view! Are you looking to fish with me this spring...please call or email soon...I have started the second wave of filling the book with dates...THINK SPRING and check me out on facebook

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Check it out

I was honored to be a contributor in this book on featherwing streamers and story in the Tyer Magazine.
Sorry I have not been very active on the blog...we moved to Pawlet in Dec and as in any move it had plenty of stressful moments...tying flies fulltime and booking lots of spring trips. Thanks for the view and with my really big order done I will try to be more active with posts.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Local Phone Number

For those who call me on my local phone number....I have moved back to Pawlet Vermont on the banks of Flower new local phone number is (802) 325-9731. The 800 number is the same. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Christmas Fly Selection

These are my top fly patterns I use in my guide service. Beadhead Hares Ear size 12, Beadhead Hares Ear size 14, Kashner Caddis Pupa, Caddis No Hackle Dryfly, Black Ants Wetfly, and Usual Dryflies. All these flies are hand tied in Vermont by Chuck Kashner. Packaged in a plastic 6 compartment box (4.5" X 3") which will fit into most shirt pockets.
MasterCard / Visa Welcome 2 Dozen Trout Flies $46.99 includes shipping