Saturday, May 23, 2015

End of May report

It has been crazy busy! Guiding, Tying, Gardening and hunting Morels...Sorry for the delay between posts but after 4 years if you search the archives on the right side tool bars:))))))))))) there is a TON of information on this blog...So here quick is what's happening: Low water conditions in most places, its been very dry and with that the morel hunting SUCKS!....Rivers like the Mettawee are in PERFECT shape and the Phlox are blooming. Bugs I'm seeing: Sulfurs, Caddis, Rusty Spinners, and black midges... Now for some fish porn...some of my regular and FAVORITE clients need to call BassPro and add to their fishing shirt wardrobe:)))))))))))))And they are on SALE right now! Copy and paste into your browser:
Sorry for the cropping but I had too much background in this one and you do know what I mean
In the middle of tying on a fly for this gentleman from California and hit with a selfie...looking over my glasses folks, this middle aged guiding stuff isn't for the weak:))) Thanks for the view and be safe out there!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Beginners are welcome!

Chuck Kashner has been guiding and instructing fly fishing for over 20 years. Beginners are welcome! With beginners the trip starts with a casting lesson which takes about an hour. You will learn the basic cast, false cast, stripping line, setting the hook and develop some muscle memory. Then it is to the river for on the job training. More often then not, Trout will be caught!