Monday, July 17, 2017

Son and Father from Philly...GOOD STUFF!

All Rainbows except this one nice Brown...The fishing is really good this summer!
Chuck, Great time Friday. Thanks again. We look forward to being in touch. Patrick Happy Monday Chuck, Agree with Patrick; great time and great experience. After only one time, you are in my top three of the most knowledgeable guides, who took me fishing. I'd like to do it again next year. Best, George

Southern Vermont Fly Fishing

We had "southern" on this trip...representing Gator Nation...Thank you Rob and Jeannie!
along with the pixs was this message: Thanks Chuck. We had a great time. We caught fish. You put us in the perfect place to catch fish. Thanks. if we're in the neighborhood next year we'll give you call for more fish. Rob & Jeannie

Mary Mary

Chuck, Your professionalism, handling of a challenging situation, expertise in coaching, patience and humor were very impressive. Though I had a sharp learning curve for the basics of fly fishing the instructions and guidance you provided were extremely helpful. You worked very hard and overcame many obstacles, and I so appreciated that. I now have a some basics to use as I practice more with my dad. Thanks to you, I have really "caught the bug" to keep working at it. Hopefully, your clients this week will be able to land all the fish and strikes that I missed on Sat. The memory of catching that first rainbow under the "troll bridge," with you cracking me up, is a awesome memory I will have forever. Thank you again, Chuck. Wishing you good luck on the water. All The Best, Mary

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Brother Brother Trip with Vermont Fishing Trips

Trips are rain or shine here at Fish like to be wet and this time of the year having high water periods is good for the grand scheme of the season. On this brother trip we did sit out a rare morning you can see, it was worth it by most peoples standards!
Feisty fatty...this beast was a handful start to finish!
Well done gentlemen...and Happy Birthday Mike!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Summertime conditions in Vermont

We have summertime conditions in Vermont. With all the rain we had the conditions are perfect and the fishing has been excellent! There are a bunch of open dates in July and August. I want to fish half or 3/4 day mornings to avoid the heat of the day.
This Brown Trout was a STUD 21" X 14"...calulated to 5.14 lbs...caught on a WMD sz 16...GOOD STUFF!
There is even some of these mixed in every once and a while:)
Thanks for the view and please stay tuned! The flyfishing for Trout in southern Vermont is far from over!

Monday, June 19, 2017


I can't remember in 25 years of fulltime guiding ever having adult sisters without a parent! We had a great time and were very successful. Beginners are always welcome and women should not be afraid to try flyfishing. We learned how to basic and false cast, chuck & duck with an indicator and get good drifts. The Rainbows were liking their drifts and we caught a bunch including a first fish on a fly...GOOD STUFF!
Alot of times...I believe taking turns is the best way to learn how to get good drifts and see the watching you can really see what I'm trying to get the person fishing to do...sometimes the observer can also assist in explaining how to do it :) we really had fun
Thank you Donald, Aruna and Nisha for the trip and the great pixs!

Thursday, June 15, 2017


Having entered into the "Cat's in the Cradle syndrome"... Father / son or daughter trips are super special to me! When the father is one of your favorite clients it goes from special to OUTSTANDING! That a kid fishing...they grow up fast
GOOD STUFF! Thanks for the view and please stay tuned!

Monday, June 12, 2017

Southern Vermont FlyFishing for Trout

The Trout fishing right now is outstanding! All rivers are in great shape...plenty of bugs and fish...Life is good! When there are gaps in the posts is a sign I'm booked solid. After this week I do have a scattering of openings. So, I will start running the morning bite only...Top flies this week: Monkey Meat, Walt's Worms, PT Baileys and Janitor brushes...Hatches include: Light Cahills, Sulfurs, Rusty Spinners, and ton of caddis! Thanks for the view...please stay tuned and use the blog archive!

Saturday, June 3, 2017


The weather is settling and the fishing is really good. There are a ton of things and ways to catch trout...June is as good as it gets. I wish June could last for 90 days!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Father Son Trip

Parent child trips are always special for me! This Father / Adult Son trip on a beautiful May day truely was just that....SPECIAL...good stuff

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

May Vermont Fly Fishing Update

The fishing in southern Vermont has been outstanding this year. I am sorry for the lack of posts....Trips were booked solid, morels and fly orders filled in the small windows of free time....on the right side tool bar about half way down is a search devise and a blog archive. There is a ton of information on here if you surf around...Below you will find some of my favorite clients....Keep your string tight and rod bent....Fishing in Vermont is ON!
June is around the corner. Currently there are some prime WEEKEND dates! Alot of the regulars come midweek...No worries generally here in Vermont with the vast amount of targets combat fishing is NOT an issue....I LOVE THIS TIME OF YEAR...Thanks for the view

Friday, April 21, 2017

Sothern Vermont Trout Fishing

The fly fishing in Southern Vermont the last couple days has been a nymphing game. Fish are starting to chase flies down and across. Hatches are between 1 and 4 pm still. Black caddis, midges, blue quill and some Hendricksons. Beaver ponds in river systems have produced the most dryfly action. The weather forecast for this coming weekend is for returning nice weather. Things are going to explode. Tree buds will start to pop, turkeys will be gobbling and hendrickson will be hatching on the branches of the BATTENKILL. The Vt. fisheries dept. has stocked the trophy areas on East Creek and Otter. Let the games begin! I do have some prime open dates still. Thanks for the view and please stay tuned.
A fine Blossom Brook wild Cuttcheek Trout!