Friday, July 12, 2019

New client feedback

I had the utmost pleasure fishing with a guide this July, which is something I haven’t done very often and his name is Chuck Kashner. He is one of the most seasoned fisherman I have ever met and I do believe he just might be able to catch trout in a rain puddle. I'm 62 and have been fishing most of my life but never fly fishing for trout. I decided to try it 2 seasons ago and am self taught and that means I just might have some issues. Well Chuck and I went to the first 
hole, he rigged my fly rod and showed me the readings on the water and where the drifts should be according. It was only three drifts and bang a beautiful bow on the end of my line, we got it in and made some pictures and Chuck already had a read on me and all my bad habits and wasn’t afraid to tell me about them in his joking manner. But in the end he was a great instructor, very patient, wanted you to catch as many fish as you can and just as excited if not more than you when you set the hook on a trout. Had I known the numbers of quality fish I was going to catch that morning I would have never slept a wink the night before and when he says beginners welcomed he means it. Chuck thank you for everything and I’ll be back next year.
Ray Browning

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Vermont Fly Fishing Instruction & Guide Service

Vermont Fly Fishing for Trout is HOT! Daily half day morning trips in July and August, all gear is provided, Beginners are welcome. 

Please call  Chuck Kashner at 1-800-682-0103 for reservations

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Vermont Fly Fishing Instruction & Guide Service

The 2019 Annual Father's Day Classic was EPIC! 

Vermont Fly Fishing Instruction & Guide Service

May and June were AWESOME! Fly fishing for trophy trout has been excellent. Daily trips start in Manchester,Vt. Call 1-800-682-0103 for reservations. Beginners are welcome! All gear is provided.

Wet vest deep and surrounded by Brown Trout.

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Come to Vermont & Learn to Fly Fish with Vermont Fishing Trips

Private groups (you and yours),  hands on instruction, all gear is provided

Beginners are welcome

Call Chuck Kashner 1 800 682-0103

First fish caught on a fly are special!

Email for openings

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Top 10 Wild Trout Brooks in the Vermont Green Mountains

Vermont is blessed with an abundance of mountain brooks that have sustainable populations of wild brook, brown and rainbow trout. List below is alphabetical 

  1. Bromley Brook, Tollgate Rd in Manchester, Vt
  2. Big Branch, Brooklyn Rd / FR#10 seasonal in Danby / Mad Tom
  3. Deerfield River,  NFR# 71 Somerset, Vt
  4. Mad Tom Brook, Mad Tom Rd. East Dorset, Vt
  5. Neshobe River, Rt. 73 Forest Dale
  6. North Branch Cold River, Aitken State Forest
  7. Roaring Branch, Kelley Stand Rd in  East Arlington, Vt
  8. Roaring Walloomsac Branch, Molly Stark Trail / Rt 9 Bennington, Vt
  9. Utley Brook, Landgrove Rd, Weston, Vt
  10. West Branch Tweed River, Lower Michigan Rd, Pittsfield, Vt
The 2019 booking season has begun, don't be left out!
Beginners are welcome, Chuck has been an instructing guide for 27 yrs.
Call Chuck Kashner at 1 800- 682-0103 or locally 1 802- 645- 0009
email questions or comments to 
Thank you for the visit and please share with your friends

Sunday, February 17, 2019

8 reasons to visit Southern Vermont

  1.  Jan to March: Ice fishing for Northern Pike and Bass on Lake St. Catherine Vermont Ice Fishing trips


2. April: Trout season opens the second Saturday in April. Small water for wild Brook Trout. Chuck likes to book afternoon half day trips on upper branches of the Battenkillto take advance of early seson hatches of Midge, early stones, blue quill and hendricksons.

3. May: Vermont Trophy Trout Program is in high gear. Target areas are East Creek in Rutland, Walloomsac River in Bennington and Otter Creek in Danby. These are very popular trips, prime dates are limited....these are really nice fish averaging from 16 to 24 inches.

4. June: What a GREAT month! Everything is fishing but the top choice are: the Walloomsac, Otter Creek and the Battenkill. I like to run either three quarter or full day trips.

5. July and August: Trout fishing is a morning affair. Targets are the Walloomsac, Battenkill and Mettawee. I also start running mountain brook trips

6. September: Is the time to fish the BATTENKILL...she is not for everyone but she is a gorgeous river.

7. October: BIRD HUNTING for Woodcock and Ruffed Grouse. Trips are limited.
Vermont Bird Hunting Trips

8. November: Weather pending year around trout fishing opportunities on East Creek, Otter Creek and      Walloomsac river.  The 2019 booking season has begun, don't be left out!  Thank you for the visit
BEGINNERS ARE WELCOME! Chuck has been a full time guide for 27 him at 1 800-682-0103 or email 

Tuesday, January 8, 2019


Huge shout out to all my regular clients....Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for making 2018 an incredible year! May we make more memories in 2019? ABSOLUTELY! I hope you regular followers like the new blog look. This blog is now on it's 11th season with 341 posts and a 1/4 of a million views...WOW! Meet the newest member of the tribe.. Jazzpur "Jazzee" and DeClan
The 5 second rule does NOT apply in the House of Brittany! Good stuff! As always thanks for the view!

Thursday, August 2, 2018


Laurie aka "Pink" is from south Florida and fly fishes once a year with Chuck Kashner.

First Trout on a fly!


Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Yes, the water is what, it's summertime and fish still need to eat! Yes, the biggest main stem rivers are warm / hot in the >>afternoon<< Hoosic, Black and Otter Creek are done for the season which is normal. I think you might want to get up earlier and be done at 10 or 11am. Use a thermometer and fish smart! Here in southern Vermont, our streams are largely spring fed too. Beginners are welcome! Daily trips start at for openings 1-800-692-0103
Thank you for following! If you want to learn to fly fish call Chuck Kashner 1-800-682-0103

Wednesday, June 20, 2018


Knotted Leaders I use and tie my own knotted leaders. This is not really a cost saving plan. Instead, I believe its a more effective way to manage clients leader issues. I tie a stock leader being a 9' 4X leader. From this I can add 3' of butt section to make a 12' or better leader to fish the Battenkill. Or I can cut the butt back to make a short leader to fish mountain brooks. For lighter tippets...5 or 6X....I cut the 4X tippet on the stock leader and add more or lighter tippet. Here is the leader formula I use: Knotted 9 foot 4X leader: Butt 36" of .019 16" of .017 12" of .015 6" of .013 6" of .011 (0X) 6" of .009 (2X) tippet 26"of .007 (4X) Replacement mono or spools of mono I have in my vest for leader repair or tinkering: .019, 0x, 2X, 3X, lots of 4 &5X, 6X and in August 7X. Best bet if you are going to build some leaders is to buy a leader tie kit. Another advantage to tying some of your own leaders is the practice at knot tying....will help you on the water.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Father's Day Classic

We sight fished all day for the annual Father's Day Classic! You see low water, we saw fish...big ones and lots of them.
Here...let Dad show you how ;)
The last week was dominated by longtime regular clients...hint, hint...I'd say that's a strong sign. Come to Manchester,Vt it's prime time! Call Chuck Kashner at 1-800-682-0103